AIMS API, a global company specialising in AI-powered music similarity search and music tagging, has strengthened its marketing team with the appointment of Katie Thompson to the position of Marketing Manager.

Formerly marketing and client manager at boutique music label The Nerve and marketing and event manager at production music specialist Audio Network, Thompson has over eight years’ experience in B2B marketing. Her extensive knowledge of content production and music licensing makes her a valuable addition to the AIMS team, which already includes highly proficient and multi-territory talents from the music industry.

“I am very excited to be joining such an innovative and forward-thinking company, particularly now when the world is ready to embrace intelligent automation tools that solve business challenges, boost productivity and improve decision making,” Thompson says. “The solutions offered by AIMS API are already benefiting the music and creative industries, and I look forward to helping AIMS develop its brand and increase its market share.”

Einar Helde, co-founder of AIMS, adds: “We are delighted that a marketeer of Katie’s calibre has joined our company, and feel confident that her skills and contacts will significantly benefit AIMS by adding to the wealth of experience we already have within our team. AIMS was developed by music publishing and sync company owners, and this background gives us a deep understanding of the creative industries and the complexities and intricacies customers face when trying to find the right music for their synch and promotional needs. By combining highly experienced staff with industry leading AI technology, we are ideally placed to help solve these problems quickly, easily, and accurately.”

Established in Prague in 2019, and now with representatives in West and East Coast USA, London and Copenhagen, AIMS is the future of music search and discoverability. Trusted by record labels, publishers, production catalogues, broadcasters and TV and film companies, AIMS’ industry-leading AI-powered technology provides fast, reliable and intuitive solutions that benefit both sides of the creative equation.

For content creators, playlist curators and music supervisors, AIMS offers AI Music Similarity Search, a powerful tool that maximises music discoverability and minimises the amount of time and effort needed to find the perfect track. The music in each catalogue is identified by links and audio references, thus reducing reliance on key words that might not always be accurate. With this formidable technology, users can easily deep dive into catalogues, large and small, and discover the right music for their needs, including hidden gems that might otherwise be forgotten.

“Music catalogues can be vast and, if you are time poor, utilising the whole catalogue manually is simply not viable,” Helde adds. “Sonic similarity democratises music search across the board. AI isn’t subjective – it doesn’t have a favourite composer, doesn’t mind historic music tagging and doesn’t care about the size of a catalogue. Our AI analyses the characteristics of the audio and brings back the best song with a similar feel, making it a great companion to any content creator, music supervisor and editor.”

AIMS also offers AI Music Tagging, an accurate automation tool for production and commercial catalogues. Specifically developed for music rights owners, AI Music Tagging is an essential part of the creative metadata process because it organises music into genres, mood, pace, etc, which in turn facilitates much easier and more consistent search results.

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AIMS API is a technology start-up specialising in AI-powered music similarity search and creative metadata Auto-Tagging solutions for music rights owners and media companies. The company’s proprietary technology saves clients/users time and enables easy music discoverability by utilising reference links and audio file-based music search. Its AI-powered solution revolutionises music search and discoverability and empowers forward-thinking rights owners to better organise and present their catalogues to music users through a diverse range of products and tools. AIMS API has grown exponentially since its launch in 2019, and now works with some of the world’s biggest and most forward-thinking music and media companies, including APM Music, Universal Production Music, Warner Chappell Production Music, Partisan Records, Hipgnosis, Extreme Music, BMG Production Music, The Nerve, SATV and many others.