Audient Partners with Sonarworks to offer SoundID Reference Software to all Audient Customers

Audient announces a new addition to its Creative Hub, ARC: a 6 month SoundID Reference Software Licence, free of charge. Further enhancing the benefits available to current Audient and EVO owners who register their products, this offer is available immediately and is available for one year.

SoundID Reference software from Sonarworks helps create music that sounds great on phones, laptops, earbuds – or wherever else it’s played. It works by setting the frequency response of your speakers and headphones to be completely flat across all audible frequencies, effectively eliminating all sound colouration. This then delivers consistently accurate studio reference sound across all speakers and headphones, so users can mix with confidence and make music that sounds great everywhere.

“Audient is delighted to partner with Sonarworks. The SoundID Reference software is pioneering in its field and perfectly complements the line-up of premium software offered on our ARC platform but most importantly, provides another powerful creative tool for customers to utilise when making music.” says Marketing Director Andy Allen. By registering their product on the website, every Audient user with a current product has access to a full range of free software which can provide a variety of enhancements to their recording, mixing and mastering experience – as well as education – absolutely free of charge.

Katrina Allikas, CMO at Sonarworks says, “We’re excited to join the ARC program to offer all its members to try out our speaker & headphone calibration software for 6 months for free. We understand how challenging it is for creators to introduce something new to their workflow and that it takes time to adjust to new setups, therefore we wanted to offer a possibility to fully experience the difference for a significantly longer time than our regular trial. Audient and Sonarworks are all about simplifying things for creators so we hope that with this partnership we will offer more possibilities for young creators to make better music faster and with fewer technical hurdles.“

Sonarworks joins Produce Like A Pro, Two notes, Waldorf Audio, M-Tron, Loopcloud and Steinberg on Audient’s Creative Hub ARC, providing a comprehensive range of software and offers from some of the industry’s leading innovators.

Read more about each of the offers available to Audient users at ARC online.