Dual-channel bi-directional HDMI to SDI / SDI to HDMI openGear® card brings new space saving options to 3G and HD conversions

Champaign, IL – April 12, 2023 — Cobalt Digital, Inc. will be showcasing its new Sapphire BIDI-2H2S openGear® card at NAB 2023 in Booth C 2108, bringing new 3G and HD conversion options to pro AV and broadcast applications. Cobalt, a designer and manufacturer of award-winning edge devices for live video production and master control, and a founding partner in the openGear® initiative, will also be previewing additional members of its new Sapphire converter series including the Sapphire 8JXS-8S, a ST 2110 JPEG-XS to SDI bulk gateway in openGear form factor, and the Sapphire BBG-2110-H/S & Sapphire BBG-2110-2H mini converters.

Sapphire BIDI-2H2S dual channel bidirectional HDMI to SDI / SDI to HDMI converter

Cobalt’s Sapphire BIDI-2H2S is a dual channel bidirectional HDMI to SDI / SDI to HDMI converter. Each channel can be independently configured to have either SDI or HDMI inputs and each channel has simultaneous SDI and HDMI outputs. This provides input and output options with independent paths of true 3G and HD conversions to and from all the SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI formats and HDMI. With both SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs (2 each), each path is equipped with frame sync as well as full input and output audio cross-points and optional per-path color correction. Input and output SDI and HDMI cross-points allow bi-directional program sourcing and distribution across both sets of inputs and outputs.

In existing openGear® installations, the bi-directional capacity is a space-saver that offers an alternative to using throwdown devices, providing an additional measure of installation integrity. Preset save/load allows custom card settings to be saved with instant revert to factory settings. Layered presets allow changes to be invoked that are only related to a specific area of concern (audio routing, for example) while not changing any other processing settings or aspects. Full user DashBoard™ or Remote Control Panel remote control allows full status and control access locally or across a standard Ethernet network.

The Sapphire BIDI-2H2S is shipping now.

Additional Sapphire Converters Being Previewed at NAB

Sapphire 8JXS-8S – ST 2110 JPEG-XS to SDI Bulk Gateway 

At NAB 2023, Cobalt is giving visitors a preview of its Sapphire 8JXS-8S, a ST 2110 JPEG-XS to SDI bulk gateway in openGear form factor.  Sapphire 8JXS-8S includes dual 25Gb/s Ethernet ports for SMPTE ST 2022-7 seamless switching and supports up to 8 SDI signals, up to 1920x1080p60.  The card occupies four slots, allowing for up to five cards and 40 signal conversions in a standard openGear chassis.  Like all Sapphire converters, the card includes full NMOS support for ease of configuration in addition to the standard openGear DashBoard.

Sapphire BBG-2110-H/S & Sapphire BBG-2110-2H – ST 2110 JPEG-XS to HDMI Converter Appliance 

Cobalt is also previewing an appliance in the Sapphire line for JPEG-XS to HDMI conversion. The Sapphire BBG-2110-H/S & Sapphire BBG-2110-2H mini converters are part of Cobalt’s Blue Box Group (BBG) series developed to offer high-quality design, function, and reliability in a small package. The units are intended to be mounted behind the monitor and include single or dual 25Gb/s ports (for ST 2022-7 redundancy).  Two models will be available: the Sapphire BBG-2110-H/S, a single channel (one HDMI port), and Sapphire BBG-2110-2H, a dual-channel (two HDMI ports).  The mini converters also include full NMOS support for ease of configuration.

The Sapphire 8JXS-8S openGear card and the Sapphire BBG-2110-H/S & Sapphire BBG-2110-2H mini converters will be previewed at NAB and available in Summer 2023.


About Cobalt Digital

Cobalt Digital Inc. designs and manufactures award-winning IP and 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD conversion, throwdown, and multiviewer technology for the production and broadcast television environment. As a founding member in the openGear® initiative, Cobalt offers a full range of openGear compliant solutions as well as video and audio processing products for closed caption compliance, production trucks, master control, HD news, signal transport, audio loudness processing, and color correction. Cobalt’s Blue Box Group™ line of interface converter throwdown boxes streamlines and simplifies a wide range of IP and 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD conversion and processing tasks. In addition, the company’s multi-image display processors enable multiviewer capabilities in the most demanding studio and remote production/ broadcasting environments. Cobalt Digital products are distributed through a worldwide network of dealers, system integrators, and other partnerships. For further information visit: www.cobaltdigital.com