Drylab Media Tech Receives Albert Supplier Certification

 (London, UK; 21 October 2022) Drylab Media Tech Group Plc (“Drylab”), a leading film and TV production SaaS platform, is pleased to announce that it has been approved by Albert, the leading UK environmental sustainability initiative for the visual arts, as a sustainable supplier of film production services. This means that Drylab has been recognised for its outstanding carbon mitigation and an ongoing commitment to green production initiatives throughout its business.

Albert is a BAFTA-led authority leading the charge against climate change, bringing the film and TV industries together to tackle our environmental impact and inspire sustainable living. . Through its approved supplier list, Albert recognises companies for their efforts to bring about a production industry with zero negative impact.

Drylab’s powerful on-set production tool provides a key service in this respect, replacing paper-based processes and offering a robust platform to review and share dailies in real time. Drylab’s rich metadata enables productions to improve continuity, efficiency, save time and money, which in turn significantly cuts down on the carbon emissions associated with film production and help facilitate zero-carbon production.


John Mahtani, CEO of Drylab Media Tech, said: We are delighted to have been recognised by Albert for our ongoing commitment to sustainability. Film productions can have a large carbon footprint, which needs to be addressed as we transition to net zero. I’m proud that our innovative film production technology can help minimise impact from activities such as transportation and paper usage. We look forward to aiding the industry in tackling its significant carbon footprint, in collaboration with Albert.”

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