ELEMENTS cloud workflows 1

NAB demonstration showcases simplified, unified storage platform 


High performance media storage specialist ELEMENTS is delighted to share in the centennial celebrations by taking their place at NAB 2023. Presentations will show how its centralized media platform can deliver creative workflow efficiencies in a seamless, unified ground and cloud architecture. 

Media enterprises are seeing major changes, driven by new working practices, the rapid growth of remote production and distance working, and the need to deliver creative excellence faster and with tighter budgets. These goals can only be achieved with a strong underpinning technology that is conceived and implemented to take advantage of the latest developments. An intelligent use of hybrid infrastructures making the best use of on premise and cloud storage is critical to success. 

The ELEMENTS approach to a centralized media platform opens up new creative possibilities. Advanced tools including the Media Library, the ELEMENTS client, the intuitive permissions management layer, and the powerful automation engine gives unprecedented scope for creative users to harness the full potential of hybrid cloud workflows. 

With the ELEMENTS Media Library users can preview, share and collaborate on cloud-stored material as easily as if it were stored on premises. It provides the security necessary to allow external users to upload content and associated metadata. The ability to establish robust, secure workflows and toolsets has allowed ELEMENTS to receive accreditation in technical proficiency as part of the AWS Partner Network. 

Media users demand very high performance from the storage platform, which is why ELEMENTS developed its integration of the BeeGFS file system, which was originally designed at the renowned Fraunhofer ITWM (Institute for Industrial Mathematics). Excelling in the performance metrics of the SPEC SFS VDA benchmarks, visitors to NAB 2023 will be able to see its remarkable performance. In addition, ELEMENTS will be showcasing the prototype of the new ELEMENT BOLT generation that is capable of up to 600TB per storage node with an internal performance of as much as 70GB/s. 

“Storage networks exist to simplify the lives of creative talents: the editors, color graders and audio sweeteners, plus the producers who supervise them,” said André Kamps, CEO of ELEMENTS. “We strive to make our systems faster, more secure and capacious, so the creative teams can just focus on making great content. We have substantial new developments this year, and we look forward to showing NAB visitors just what is possible with the best technologies.” 

Find out more about this year’s launches at elements.tv/nab2023, and see us on booth N3068.