London, UK, March 14th, 2023: Big Pic Media is pleased to announce its role in helping build London’s latest creative studio, ELMNTL. The Shoreditch facility is built around a host of cloud-based creative tools that allow the artists to collaborate in the studio or remotely. This cloud-enabled approach provides the ability to scale processor-intensive tools in the cloud without being limited by physical footprint or on-prem hardware.

The studio hosts both open-plan collaborative project areas and suites, covering colour grading, VFX and CG/motion graphics, with multiple support stations for production planning, ingest, QC and delivery.

Big Pic Media supplied and installed all local hardware required for monitoring, control and networking. This included DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panels, Sony BVM HX-310 and PVM-X3200 monitors across colour grading, online and QC monitoring, as well as Sony A95k QD-OLED displays in client areas, calibrated to match the reference HX-310.

Big Pic Media worked alongside Konsistent Consulting, an AWS-approved independent consultant company, to specify, install and commission the on-prem hardware, networking and cloud-based infrastructure required to support the studio’s technical infrastructure. This ensures that ELMNTL can utilise all required resources on-demand, simply and efficiently.

“ELMNTL has built a facility that is extremely friendly and welcoming,” says Adam Welsh, Big Pic Media director. “It has the infrastructure to allow creatives and clients to work in a flexible environment and make sure the work produced is of the highest standard, on time and on budget.”

“Adam and the Big Pic Media guys were great to work with, flexible and accommodating to our changing needs and expectations during the build,” adds Danny Whybrow, ELMNTL founding partner. “Our operations were up and running on schedule. We are now flat out on new projects with everything working perfectly. We look forward to bringing Adam and his team back to expand our studio facilities in the near future.”

ELMNTL ( is an independent creative studio in London’s Shoreditch, working in collaboration with brands, creative agencies and production companies to bring creative ideas to life on screen. The ELMNTL team prides itself on operating a bullshit-free environment where creativity, excitement, common sense and humour collide to inspire great work. ELMNTL’s technical infrastructure provides a secure, reliable and fully scalable foundation for global collaboration. The company’s physical space houses both suites and open-plan project spaces that are built to perfectly augment and seamlessly interact with the company’s remote capabilities.

Big Pic Media is a resource for industry-leading production, post-production, broadcast and media products and services. It can advise and supply solutions from individual items to fully integrated suites. With offices in London and Los Angeles, Big Pic Media offers a global service to the industry, as a supplier and a representative. Big Pic Media has a support function which oversees design and installation services as well as offering engineering support for products supplied by the company. This department can design, develop and install facility updates or entire facilities on request.