Emotion Systems, the provider of practical solutions to real-world professional audio problems, has signed an agreement with CTM Solutions, based in Paris, France. This is part of CTM’s plans to develop its audio offering still further. 

CTM Solutions has been a leading systems integrator in the French territories for three decades, fulfilling projects from media creation to archiving and preservation. In 2023 it acquired audio specialist company 44.1, to consolidate its leadership in professional audio in France. As part of the acquisition, the very well-known leader of 44.1, Jean-Luc Ohl, joined CTM to head its specialist audio division. 

“I have worked closely with Emotion Systems for ten years,” Ohl, Audio Workflow Specialist, CTM said. “I continue to be impressed with the company’s innovations and ingenuity, and its willingness to understand the real issues facing audio professionals today. 

“I am very happy to start a new era, integrating the advanced solutions from Emotion into the broader CTM portfolio,” Ohl continued. “For the many media industry professionals with whom I have worked on Emotion solutions over the last 10 years, be assured that I am still here and will continue to work to achieve your goals, while expanding Emotion’s success in our market ever further.” 

Vincent Tessier, Managing Director of CTM, added, “We are so pleased to partner with Emotion Systems to complete our offering to audio professionals and innovate together to deliver value to our customers.” 

MC Patel, CEO of Emotion Systems, added “CTM has been integrating audio solutions, workflow and orchestration engines into its wider systems for many years, so our products are a natural fit into the business. We are delighted to continue our long-standing relationship with Jean-Luc Ohl, and look forward to continuing discussions around the challenges in providing seamless, streamlined audio automation in today’s world of immersive sound.” 

For more information on Emotion Systems’ technology, please visit the website at https://www.emotion-systems.com/