European League of Football season 2022 – novel media uses LOGIC

The second season of the European League Football is currently providing many exciting games for fans of American Football worldwide. Over 500 million fans worldwide will watch the games live or re-live! Twelve teams from five European countries still fight for the title until the final on 25 September in Klagenfurt (Austria). The production partner of the league, novel media, uses the frontend PORTAL.easystream from LOGIC media solutions to provide the VoD streams of the matches. PORTAL.easystream is a frontend that makes live streaming via AWS easily accessible and maintainable. For the European League of Football, novel media uses PORTAL.easystream to record the VoD content of the matches. The streams are recorded with PORTAL, transcoded and then made available for VoD channels to subscribers of the League’s Game Passes or other streaming partners in different language versions. The entire workflow is designed to be as automated as possible.

Levon Melikian of novel media comments on the use of PORTAL.easystream: “PORTAL supports us in making the production and OTT systems as efficient as possible to provide the European League of Football fans with the matches of their favourite teams as quickly as possible.” Zeljko Karajica, the league’s founder, added: “With novel media and LOGIC media solutions, we have two excellent partners on board who stand for production reliability and quality of live matches.”

The workflow within PORTAL.easystream is configured so that recording starts automatically as soon as a stream is received. This recording is generated as a growing TS file, and transcoding begins as soon as the incoming stream is stopped. The system picks up the finished PGM signal, dubbed with different languages, as a stream on the input side. Depending on the games or content partners, German, English, Spanish, Polish or Turkish versions are provided. Both an MPEG-4 and an MXF file are generated during transcoding in PORTAL and in different language versions. The streams are automatically exported in the desired language versions to various file servers or streaming service providers and thus made available to further content utilisers.

The PORTAL frontend is browser-based and connects the delivered streams with the AWS MediaServices. The system can thus be accessed from any location, and the frontend facilitates the handling of the systems enormously.

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About novel media Novel media GmbH produces TV spots, image films and explainer videos for small and medium-sized companies as well as documentaries, programme trailers and design elements for TV stations and TV programmes. One of its subsidiaries is contenthouse GmbH, which produces the martial arts channel ran FIGHTING and conceives, shoots and post-produces all video content, trailers and sports documentaries for the newly founded EUROPEAN LEAGUE OF FOOTBALL. novel media produces an output of approx. 50 hours of TV programming per month.
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About LOGIC media solutions GmbH LOGIC is a German system architect for professional moving picture solutions. After more than 20 years in the market, LOGIC is one of the leading resellers and designers of complex and sophisticated media landscapes. With a dedicated team, LOGIC also leads the migration of professional media production to the cloud.
LOGIC is a Europe-wide certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) reseller and consultant. In Germany, the company is also certified by AWS for the Public Sector and is thus responsible for public broadcasting, among other things. LOGIC works with a number of well-known and innovative manufacturers and offers solutions for live production, file-based productions and customer-specific workflows around moving pictures solutions. In the course of the migration to IP-based production, LOGIC is taking a pioneering role and is implementing the design and infrastructure together with its partners.
Since 2018, LOGIC has been developing its own framework called PORTAL, which enables media professionals to master the migration to the cloud. Using agility and the required technology, PORTAL simplifies highly complex workflows, making them more accessible and faster to implement.
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