Emotion Systems, provider of practical solutions to real-world professional audio problems, has addressed the critical challenge of ensuring audio consistency and quality in bulk content ingest. Eve – Emotion Verification Engine – is a new approach, giving users quick and easy to interpret information on the detail of the audio components, something which is largely ignored by today’s automated quality control tools.

Video content can contain audio in a number of formats: mono, stereo, 5.1, and encoded surround sound like Dolby E and Dolby Digital (Plus). As well as determining that audio is present in the file, it is also vital to understand that the audio is synced correctly, in the right channel ordering, and meets the set loudness specification. This is particularly difficult in encoded formats, which otherwise require additional software to open and check.

Eve is capable of reading a complete video file in native resolution, and extracting every audio track included, even when multiple formats are encapsulated in the file. In conjunction with other Emotion software tools (Eff and Engine), it can also display all loudness measurements of the file. It evaluates every track and marks errors if any parameter falls out of tolerance, displaying these excursions in separate bargraphs.

Eve has multiple timelines for video, audio tracks and loudness measurements. For in-depth analysis, a second monitor can be used to display pixel accurate video, allowing the user to view full-resolution playback rather than being restricted to low-resolution proxies. Eve’s simple yet intuitive layout means the operator can quickly match up any loudness error points which require checking, move directly to these errors, and see the relevant scene where the error has occurred.

Eve also incorporates extensive audio monitoring options. While designed for confidence checking rather than critical monitoring, the user can select which tracks to listen to and how they would like to listen to them. The user can choose to output the audio as an additive mix, balanced mix, or a binaural mix for flexible audio monitoring.

“This is a potential gamechanger for content ingest and content distribution,” said MC Patel, CEO of Emotion Systems. “Eve can display a file’s audio content and technical metadata. Using Eve as a companion app with either Eff or Engine allows you to import an XML Loudness report. This provides a visual aid for checking where loudness errors occur, so an operator can go straight to potential problems knowing which channels need to be remedied.

“Eve makes comprehensive audio quality monitoring easier than it has ever been,” he added. “When ingesting huge libraries, you can be sure that the audio is correct, within your parameters, and free from errors. We have listened to the industry and designed a system that fits into real-world workflows and delivers everything required.”

Eve is a cross-platform software application, running on OSX, Windows or Linux. The software will be shown for the first time at NAB 2023 (booth N2868, Las Vegas Convention Center, 16 – 19 April) and is available for immediate download.