farmerswife announces global launch of Cirkus

SaaS task and project management solution eliminates unnecessary tools, simplifies collaboration and boosts productivity

farmerswife, which provides resource scheduling, project management, and team collaboration software for the demanding needs of today’s media industry, is delighted to announce the immediate availability of Cirkus, its powerful new SaaS task and project management solution. Designed to address the specific project needs of media organisations, the cloud-based Cirkus is available as both an integration for farmerswife, or as a standalone product, and has been built to reflect and adapt to the way teams work and collaborate in the real world.

Cirkus can be used by teams and freelancers in remote workflows to make collaboration simple and complete. Rather than using a disparate set of ad hoc tools to communicate between team members and across different organisations, the cross-platform Cirkus centralises the processes ensuring that communication remains seamless throughout the course of a project, planning and tracking all components and keeping everyone in the loop.

With free pricing available for small teams and freelancers, media organisations with complex workflows and large staffing numbers can leverage Cirkus’ premium features at a low monthly cost. Cirkus allows users to schedule, assign and manage projects and tasks; track status and report time; and collaborate efficiently with anyone, anywhere by coordinating resources and sharing files in one central hub. Power users can create custom templates, allowing them to reuse and refine successful workflows, instantly improving efficiency and optimising throughput to create a leaner, more agile organisation.

“Cirkus is the culmination of over two decades work developing solutions at the forefront of project management and planning in the media industry,” comments farmerswife CEO, Stephen Elliott. “It reflects the way that companies work, with large internal teams needing to work efficiently and seamlessly with external freelancers and consultants and lets them scale and flex to manage production cycles and optimise workflows and processes throughout their organisation.”

“Evolution is a long and connected path and farmerswife is always evolving and learning, and has been for over 22 years,” he continues. “farmerswife is the proven engine for complex projects and financial management demands, while Cirkus is an elegant and simple day to day task collaboration for teams. Together, farmerswife and Cirkus solve all your company’s needs, end-to-end.”

Cirkus is available for macOS, iOS, Web and Android and pricing starts at free for up to three users. Pro pricing adds more features for up to 100 users, including resource scheduling and reporting, and starts at £25 per member. A private cloud/on-prem version is also available for those looking for complete control of their data and security.

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About Cirkus

Cirkus is a SaaS task and project management solution built to reflect and adapt to the way teams actually work together, while improving collaboration and efficiency. 

Teams and collaborators use Cirkus to make collaboration simple and complete. Those with complex workflows and large teams find Cirkus to be especially rewarding as it really shines in offering premium features for free.

About farmerswife

Established in 1999, farmerswife was originally conceived by a team of highly qualified professionals working in post and film production. Today, headquartered in Palma, Spain, and Los Angeles, USA, farmerswife is the leading provider of resource scheduling, project management and team collaboration software for the demanding needs of today’s media industry.

With clients in production, post-production, broadcasting, equipment rental, agencies, and education, we offer a scalable solution that helps you manage your projects and teams at an unmatched price. farmerswife exists to simplify your work and to maximize your team’s efficiency by effectively harnessing the power of your people.