Intinor Direkt link compact mobile e1679658188527

Celebrating 20 years in the industry at NAB 2023, Intinor, Sweden’s leading developer of products and solutions for high-quality video over the internet, will highlight its range of solutions for remote production; 4G/5G news and sports contribution; remote commentary; esports; house of worship; multi-vendor interoperability with SRT/RIST/NDI and last but not least its proprietary transport protocol Bifrost™ reliable transport that offers network bonding, error correction, ARQ, least cost management and adaptive bitrate. Visitors to the Intinor booth will see how the company delivers seamless remote production workflows with solutions such as the flagship Direkt router series, which enables high density encoding/decoding capability and supports up to 16xSDI I/O from a single 2RU unit, along with the ground-breaking Bifrost™ transport protocol. Making its US debut at the Intinor booth is the latest the Intinor Direkt link compact (mobile and backpack).

Built from the ground up to meet the needs of single camera sports and news productions that rely on highly agile, small crews, the Direct link compact ensures a true point-to-point connection, removing the need for costly cloud subscriptions that also add latency. Direct link compact provides 4-wire intercom for comms with the master control room (MCR), return video path, bonded VPN data bridge and features two built-in modems. Additional modems can be added easily as needed.

Direct link compact delivers the ultra-low latency (0.5 seconds) that Intinor is known for thanks to Intinor’s proprietary Bifrost Reliable Transport (Bifrost™) protocol, which features a uniquely effective forward error correction, re-sending (ARQ), and adaptive bitrate. To ensure maximum quality, stability, and reliability of the links, the platform also supports network bonding and receiver bonding; customers benefit from more straightforward remote network management and monitoring in the field – directly from the control room.

“We are excited to be at NAB 2023 and show customers our industry leading reliability, and stability for live video over the internet, allowing them to ensure unbeatable quality across any production type – esports, remote production, or news contributions,” commented Daniel Lundstedt, Intinor’s Regional Sales Manager. “We build technologies, such as the Direct link compact, that meet the real world need to be more creative while streamlining the process of producing content. A small team can take our “grab and go” equipment and start generating exciting stories and deliver high quality images at the push of a button.”

Also being showcased at NAB, Intinor’s intercom solution, which now offers full support for AES67, further simplifying remote production and remote commentary workflows, and ensuring seamless interoperability with customers’ existing systems.