Robert Nagy, lead developer and co-founder of production automation specialist nxtedition, has been invited to speak at Node.TLV, the international convention for the Node.js community. Node.js directs the development and management of core JavaScript technology used by all sectors of the IT industry.

Earlier this year Nagy was appointed to the Technical Steering Committee of Node.js, joining representatives of major IT players from around the world. Node.TLV, which is being held in Tel Aviv, Israel, 14-15 November 2021, is expected to welcome more than 800 developers.

“Node.js is a core part of much of today’s IT infrastructure, used by everyone from small start-ups to large global companies like Netflix and LinkedIn,” Nagy said. “It is also an essential part of the media world, a central module in the runtime used to transfer and transform data.

“I will be a part of the discussions around the latest developments in Node 14 and beyond,” he added. “This significantly improves the behavioural consistency of streams, which will be beneficial to nxtedition and the other companies developing software-centric production and delivery tools.”

As a member of the Technical Steering Committee, Nagy is closely involved with the development of Node.js core stream and http modules. His talk will discuss the challenges of streaming, how they are resolved, and present many new exciting features that make writing Node streams easier.

nxtedition is also a sponsor of the event. “We develop our platform exclusively in Node.js and JavaScript,” said Roger Persson, head of sales and marketing at nxtedition. “Taking an active and leading role in future developments like Node.js helps us stay at the leading edge in our market, and at the same time to spread our experience around every part of the IT industry. Sharing knowledge plays a key part in technical excellence, which is why we are proud to play a part in making this event happen.”

About nxtedition
Founded in 2012, nxtedition has revolutionised video production as one of the world’s most creative software products in the broadcasting industry. nxtedition was one of the first to approach the simplification of the broadcast process by virtualising microservices to replace legacy systems. The existing paradigm of appliance-based products from multiple manufacturers creates layers of complexity which are expensive to purchase, difficult to maintain, hard to integrate and need specialist staff to operate. 

The frustrations of these inefficient workflows brought nxtedition into being, taking a rather unconventional route which uses the latest in web technologies and re-purposes them within a broadcast environment. nxtedition virtualises appliance products (prompters, newsroom control systems, automation, media asset management, transcoding, video servers, graphics systems) and creates microservices to provide virtual instances of their functionality. 

The core ethos of nxtedition is to plan, write, edit, play out and archive productions within a single consolidated system where the focus is purely on storytelling and not the underlying technology.