Ross continues to work with leaders across various industry sectors

  • AWS will exhibit Ross Video’s Graphite CPC workflow at its booth at NAB Show 2023 as part of its International Production initiative.
  • Ross and global audio leader Telos Alliance are collaborating to support and promote open standards and integration for cloud-based production environments.

Today, Ross Video announced initiatives with two industry leaders from across the broadcast and technology landscapes. Ross Video has a long history of working with other companies and believes that collaboration is an integral part of continued innovation and success. Ross’ work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Telos Alliance are no different, and Ross is excited about the possibilities and benefits that will be realized as a result.


AWS will exhibit Ross Video’s Graphite cost per click (CPC) system at the AWS booth at NAB Show 2023 in Las Vegas. This is part of AWS’s International Production showcase, and visitors to the Show will be able to visit the booth to see Graphite CPC in action. 

Ross Video’s Graphite CPC system is an all-in-one production system that combines production switching, 3D graphics, and audio mixing in the cloud, and it runs on AWS. Graphite CPC provides all the tools required to produce outstanding productions in the cloud without compromise. For those attending NAB Show 2023, we encourage you to visit the AWS booth, and while you’re there, be sure to check out our Graphite CPC solution.

Telos Alliance 

Ross is partnering with Telos Alliance, a global audio manufacturing leader, to support open cloud-based environments. Ross takes pride in promoting open standards and integration with all the industry’s top solutions, and Telos’ Infinity VIP intercom system can work with any of the leading cloud-based production environments, including Ross Production Cloud. This is especially relevant as broadcasters are looking to cloud-based production workflows to help simplify remote productions, speed up deployments, and add flexibility to their operations, but remote production is almost impossible without communications. 

Having an end-to-end workflow that is entirely cloud-based simplifies the deployment and makes the implementation more efficient. Telos’ Infinity VIP system complements cloud environments like the Ross Production Cloud by allowing broadcasters to keep intercom signals alongside the rest of their production tools. Ross and Telos will work together to continue to innovate while promoting open standards in the cloud production space.

“Vibrant partnerships and working relationships are vital to the industry and to our ability to put full solutions together for our clients,” commented Jeff Moore EVP & CMO Ross Video.  “We thank both AWS and Telos for being great to work with in making Ross Production Cloud come to life.”

“We are very excited to announce this partnership between Ross and Telos Alliance. We built Infinity VIP on open standards to be a highly flexible and easily deployed professional intercom system for cloud production. The combination of the Ross Production Cloud and Infinity VIP is a great example of the benefits of open systems to our customers.”, says John Schur, President, Telos Alliance Solutions Group.