TAG announces that it has reached 100,000 global monitoring points, TAG’s Zer0 Friction officer Kevin Joyce revealed the achievement as he reviewed the Company’s achievements in 2021, which included the launch of the Media Control System (MCS), designed to assist clients with managing, analyzing, and improving their media workflows.

Joyce stated that TAG has been marking significant milestones in the industry ever since 2008, when it introduced the world to the IP-based, all-software monitoring and multiviewer system. This was a risky, bold move at the time. “Nearly 14 years later, the market has fully embraced IP-based, software-based workflows. This nicely positions TAG for helping our customers transition into IP workflows, adapt to remote operations and expand their OTT services, as the industry rapidly evolves with the unpredictable challenges brought about by the ongoing pandemic.”

Kevin Joyce, TAG’s Zer0 Friction Officer

Kevin Joyce, TAG’s Zer0 Friction Officer

Joyce attributes TAG’s increase of 100% in points probed during 2021 to its ability to support all workflows and to adapt to new protocols as quickly as they become available. It also enables customers to use the cloud. TAG was at forefront of OTT’s rapid growth and the proliferation of delivery formats. TAG developed significant support for cloud enabling remote production tools requested and required by customers.


Joyce explained that “Because there has been an explosion in streaming and adaptation of cloud technologies, every line channel could have up to 16 flavors that must be monitored.” To accommodate different bandwidths, workflows need to be deployed in multiple locations around the world with multiple bit rates and different resolutions. TAG’s ability anticipate and innovate quickly allowed us to have a large footprint in all new and evolving sources, which enabled streaming services to function reliably and efficiently in today’s direct-to-consumer world. 

TAG’s recent launch of the Media Control System (MCS) has added to the Company’s 2021 success story. The revolutionary, open-source MCS provides users with insight to create efficient linear media systems. It monitors, aggregates and manages viewer data. The MCS provides the tools that users need to make informed and intelligent decisions. This results in a precise viewer experience that increases consumption, customer engagement and loyalty.


TAG’s MCM, Multi-Channel Monitoring (Multi-Channel Monitoring), is the foundation of MCS. It monitors all types of signals from live production to OTT delivery. The MCS uses the power of cloud computing to collect the vast amounts of raw data and metrics that are available from the MCM to generate actionable insights. The MCS is an open-source platform that can expose the data to third party visualization and analytic applications like Elasticsearch, Grafana, Grafana, and Prometheus. Media companies will be able to use their metrics to track performance across all signals. This will allow them to identify and correct errors, optimize workloads to maximize performance, and transmit interoperable signals. Customers will be able deliver a superior viewer experience that can easily be measured and validated with TAG’s MCS.


TAG’s Zer0-Friction ™ strategy is also strengthened by the MCS. This business model maximizes customers’ use of their assets. Open-source tools make accurate data-driven information available to customers. This allows them to extract and use the information to improve their performance and quality of service.


The MCM and MCS both fall under the umbrella of TAG’s multilevel Realtime Media Platform. This platform is the first to offer open-source tools that allow users to monitor and probe signals and aggregate, manage, and analyze data.