Singapore, June 6th, 2023 – Tolka Telecommunications ( will promote the latest additions to its range of media-related products and services at Broadcast Asia 2023, Singapore Expo, June Wednesday 7th through Friday 9th.

Tolka ATSC 3 Stack modular software

A highlight of the company’s exhibit on stand 5J2-08 in the USA & Canada Pavilion will be Tolka’s ATSC 3 Stack software which allows ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0 free-to-air television programs to be viewed on any IP-compatible TV display. Features include support for datacast receivers and multiple tuners as well as SoC porting layer portability. Plug-in support for third-party HTML user agents and media players can also be provided. Tolka’s ATSC 3 Stack helped create the world’s first NEXTGEN TV certified set-top box.

Tolka ADS personalized and programmatic advertising delivery system

Tolka ADS combines content insertion and advertisement targeting in a single software-based solution. No internet return path is needed. Broadcasters gain an efficient way to deliver specific promotional content and commercials to targeted groups within their transmission footprint. ADS also enables channel owners to generate more revenue from their existing subscriber base. Advertisers gain a higher conversion rate and can also construct audience databases. Designed for integration with existing playout automation systems at a TV station or host playout facility, Tolka ADS allows efficient insertion of relevant and localized advertising for audiences across different regions. Easy to integrate, it automatically preschedules and splices video and audio content ahead of transmission, ensuring frame-accurate insertion. Video and banner ads are fully supported. Segments from a compressed program stream, or multiple streams, can be substituted with alternative content. Time and duration can be precisely specified. Commercials can be tailored to selected demographic groups. The content substitution history can be logged for future reference.

Tolka mobile DTT viewing solutions

Tolka offers a wide range of mobile DTT reception solutions for vendors requiring OEM hardware, firmware or apps. These include confidential app development and refinement services which can be provided to support transmission formats such as DVB T2 and ISBD-T. Each development project begins with initial planning discussions to establish the exact challenges which the customer is facing. Having determined the features required and operating platforms to be supported, Tolka creates a prototype user interface and workflow. Once the preliminaries are confirmed, the app is soon ready for preflight testing and completion. Support for future mobile phone standards is always available.

About Tolka: Tolka is an established and successful producer of cable, satellite, terrestrial and IP media related applications. The company offers broadcast channel owners and online service providers the tools they need to expand and develop their markets. Tolka’s focus is on IPTV, OTT and DTT applications allowing secure content delivery and intelligently targeted advertisement insertion.