Utelogy Corporation, a visionary provider of management, monitoring, and analytics software for the connected workspace, returns to Barcelona for ISE 2023 with a full exhibit planned to highlight its latest product innovations, exciting announcements and explosive company growth.

Utelogy is coming off consecutive years of significant growth as its global expansion continues.

Utelogy has published several significant product enhancements since ISE 2022 and will be announcing major product features in 2023. New features to be announced will be Microsoft Teams Integration enhancements with added control and automation followed by Utelogy 3.0, the next generation of AV/UC, IoT and building management, and augmented by Utelogy’s Energy Savings and Sustainability initiative, API updates with webhook support, and integration with ServiceNow will also be coming in 2023.

The company will also continue to highlight its Utelligence Program for industry standards around security and agnosticity. Partnering with several manufacturers, expect to see exciting product demos on the Utelogy stand, 2R100, as well as Utelogy showcased around the show floor on the stands of Utelligence Alliance Partners. The Utelligence Program is designed to integrate its platform with other elements of the workplace for deeper analytics, IoT, and BYOD to support the ever-growing hybrid workforce.

Utelogy’s ongoing technology innovation demonstrates its total commitment to supporting the changing needs for AV and IT professionals for intuitive and cost-effective estate management solutions. 

“There’s no one approach to creating, integrating and managing the types of connected AV / UC environments global users will need for growth and success,” said Kevin Morrison, CEO of Utelogy. “It requires continued industry collaboration and an openness to listen to what our end-users need to do their jobs more efficiently. That mindset is the foundation of Utelogy’s platforms and the driving force of our success.”  

Changes, Challenges, Opportunities

The dramatic increase in energy costs over the last year, coupled with the need for a robust sustainability posture is driving the market to focus on more energy efficient workplace technology solutions. Whilst most hardware solutions are typically much more energy efficient than their predecessors, businesses are increasingly looking for a solution to assist in reducing energy consumption based on actionable intelligence – understanding the actual energy utilization by specific equipment over a particular timeframe is a good starting point. Utelogy can collect this data and then  use automated control to ensure equipment is only powered on when it is needed.

“By giving our customers the ability to remotely configure Utelogy’s automation tools, they can harness the full potential of Utelogy by powering down the entire campus or estate at a pre-defined time nightly or when not in use without ever having to step foot inside of a conference room” said Jonathan Mangnall, Managing Director, EMEA, at Utelogy. “Utelogy is saving companies 30-40% on average on the energy bill for their connected estate and contributing significantly to their sustainability goals.”

Mangnall added, “Not only do AV buyers look for products that are sustainable, but they are also looking for feature rich solutions with robust APIs, such as those manufacturers that have joined the Utelligence Program.  This allows these devices to be manipulated with a remote monitoring and control solution, so tasks such as powering down through an automated script can easily occur.” 

Utelogy has seen a shift from the traditional product “break/fix” approach to an “intelligent and automated” methodology that considers the Total Experience (TX). Managed services models are starting to offer comprehensive solutions combining AV devices, software, and exceptional proactive customer support. The changes occurring in the global workspace require support organizations to adapt their logistical operations as well as their business mindset, presenting challenges but also significant growth opportunities.

The Utelogy platform turns this outdated support methodology from reactive to proactive, resonating with companies that are more geographically dispersed than ever and focused on providing unparallel value and increasing the employee experience

 Scalable & Agnostic for Growth

Utelogy is well-equipped to support customers regardless of country or region. Significant areas of growth range from its home base in the United States to key international markets across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Utelogy is continually growing its global partner network to meet the increasing demands of enterprise customers.

Recently onboarded partners include EOS IT Solutions, Kinly and Pro-Tech to complement Utelogy’s long-standing partner relationships. Each unique collaboration shares the common goal of delivering outstanding and consistent AV experiences, enhanced productivity, and a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Utelogy’s ability to scale, regardless of requirements or budget, makes it the ideal platform for organizations of any size. The Utelogy platform is based on an open architecture that is hardware- and software-agnostic, allowing for greater compatibility and integration between AV/UC devices from many manufacturers.

The company’s Utelligence Program, developed to drive agnostic and standards-based security for AV and UC devices has continued to grow this past year with many additional manufacturer partners anticipated to come onboard in early 2023. Current members of the Utelligence Program include Barco, Bose, Cisco, GUDE Systems, Jabra, Lightware Visual Engineering, Logitech, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Yealink and others.  

“Utelogy is responding to the needs of an increasingly connected and technology-reliant global workspace by delivering cost-saving solutions that elevate user experiences through insights and analytics,” said Kevin Morrison. “We expect to see a YoY growth of over 150% in 2023 and are also continually growing our global partner network to meet the evolving demands of our enterprise customers. We are excited to see what this next year has in store.”

New features and Utelogy 3.0 – Announcing the next generation of management

Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) Enhancements: Utelogy will enhance its MTR management offering for effectively and proactively monitoring and managing MTR environments for both software and hardware endpoints. New features throughout the year will include call quality metrics, remote management and updating of USB peripherals, real time Teams data and remote support via screen sharing.  

Power Savings Analytic Tiles: Announcing the newest analytics tile on Utelogy’s U-Manage platform will make it easier for stakeholders to understand power consumption, savings, and usage right from their Utelogy dashboard.  

API Enhancements: Coupled with webhook integration and native ServiceNow later in the year Utelogy platform will make it easier for integrators and customers to work with the company’s APIs and derive the information most valuable to them and their workflows.

 NEW Utelogy 3.0 – the next generation of AV/UC, IoT and building management: Utelogy’s goal is to fully transform the way our customers visualize and configure their data for a more fluid, richer, and improved user experience, from anywhere in the world all through the browser. Through new features such as a federated architecture built for performance, enhanced data analytics reporting tools, configuration and fleer management, advanced self-healing, and building automations, this is the biggest product announcement to date! 

To learn more about the Utelogy Platform or to book a demo, visit the company website at: https://www.utelogy.com/request-demo-home/

To book a live demo at ISE please visit: https://calendly.com/utelogy-ise-2023

Visit us at stand 2R100 in the Unified Communication and Education hall.