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Images and video content from iStock by Getty Images and Unsplash will seamlessly integrate with illusto, a cloud-based video editing solution, providing users with a more efficient and cost-effective video creation experience.

London, 6 June 2023:  VideoVerse – an AI-driven video technology company, is pleased to announce an integration between its illusto platform – an intuitive yet powerful, cloud-based video editing solution – with iStock by Getty Images, a leading e-commerce platform, and Unsplash, the preeminent free image platform. The partnership gives users an integrated and seamless experience with full access to the extensive image and video libraries on both platforms. The integration is available in various tiers to accommodate a wide range of creative and media needs.

“The illusto team is always looking for ways to improve and enhance the user experience on our platform,” said Shalesh Jagal, VP of Engineering, illusto. “Our REST API integration with iStock and Unsplash represents the latest development in that mission to provide a more seamless video creation experience. Combining illusto with these platforms will empower our users to reduce the time, cost and effort it takes to gather media assets when creating video content.”

The integration offers subscribers a wide selection of still and video assets to create engaging video content while eliminating the difficulty and cost associated with having multiple subscriptions for stock images and video, allowing them to produce video content faster and much more cost-effectively.

“We are constantly striving to help our customers leverage the depth, breadth and quality of our images and video content where and when they need it, ” said Benjamin Beavan, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Getty Images. “This collaboration with illusto brings millions of our high-quality images and videos directly to brands, businesses and content creators.”

The illusto team is constantly updating the platform to ensure users have the most advanced tools and easy-to-use features when creating video content. The latest update gives users access to:

  • Premium images and video content
  • Auto subtitles
  • Ready to use templates
  • Audio Noise cleaning

The illusto platform is available in three plans:

  • illusto Free: free access to the Unsplash library.
  • illusto Essential: a paid plan offering access to some premium features, including Unsplash and iStock.
  • illusto Business: premium offering, including all the advanced features and unlimited access to iStock and Unsplash library.

In the next release of illusto, users can look forward to assisted editing with AI, collaboration tools, create-your-own-template capabilities, and an extensive audio library.

“Our mission at illusto is to empower content creators and businesses to tell their stories through video,” said Sangharakshak Neel, Head of Product, illusto. “With this integration, we are giving them access to millions of high-quality images and videos they can use. Whether they need a stunning background, or a captivating video clip, they can find it in our extensive stock library.”

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