Virtual Production isn’t just the preserve of big budget Hollywood movies. It is being utilised across drama, documentary, news, sports broadcast and commercial applications to great effect. There is huge demand for content and VP is an incredibly versatile solution.
The high demand is only matched by the lack of skills in the industry, and this is where Mo-Sys Virtual Production Training Academy is working hard to help up-skill industry professionals, while also working alongside Universities to transfer knowledge and support them in delivering the next generation.
Mo-Sys Academy is going from strength to strength, and we’re excited to announce new dates at our headquarters in Greenwich, London and LA Refinery.
Our courses are hands-on where students get to work in small groups on practical exercises with access to the very latest VP technology – and who better to learn from than Mo-Sys, the world’s leading Virtual Production solutions pioneer.”

Virtual Production Training from Mo-Sys Academy provides an exciting new opportunity to learn Virtual Production from industry-leading professionals from our London and Los Angeles offices/studio, featuring skills and techniques that are at the forefront of the modern film industry.