Visual Data, a worldwide provider of Localization Services and end-to-end Digital Media Supply Chain Solutions, is reinforcing its commitment to the highest levels of security for entertainment content by becoming an early adopter of the Trusted Partner Network’s (TPN) new membership program.


Fully owned by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), TPN was formed to provide content owners and service providers with a credible resource for understanding the need for content security and strengthening security preparedness throughout the media supply chain.


TPN has expanded its efforts with a new multi-tiered membership model to ensure the security needs of any media and entertainment organization are addressed regardless of size, scope, or content volume. TPN members can manage and communicate content security status with each other, including non-TPN security certificates such as ISO and Soc2. Members can also complete TPN questionnaires and assessments based on MPA Content Security best practices and guidelines (v5.0), as well as access the latest information on security standards and protocols.


With the launch of its new membership program, the Trusted Partner Network is laying out a vision for the future of industry-wide security that has long been shared by Visual Data.


“The TPN membership program aligns perfectly with our efforts as a leading service provider to create a more secure physical and digital environment across all of our locations,” said Randy Tunila, CTO, Visual Data. “With sophistication in security threats increasing, this is exactly the kind of evolution needed to move our industry in the right direction and we are thrilled to be an early adopter.”


As a service provider that operates multiple locations and supports clients globally, Visual Data invests significant resources into security compliance across its physical locations and cloud-based workflows. The new TPN program streamlines this process and enables clients to validate Visual Data’s accreditation within TPN’s central database, saving time, effort and money, and allowing a greater focus on producing and delivering quality content.


“TPN serves as the source of truth for all stakeholders in our industry. Extensive collaboration with content owners, service providers and assessors has helped us build forward momentum with our new membership program,” said Terri Davies, President of TPN. “We are excited to welcome Visual Data and we are confident that TPN will strengthen the industry processes required to protect and build a secure future for content.”