Chicago’s Weigel Upgrades Capability with 19 StreamMasters from Pixel Power, a Rohde & Schwarz company    

Pixel Power, a Rohde & Schwarz company and global leader in master control playout, automation, graphics & branding, has been chosen by Chicago-based Weigel Broadcasting Company (Weigel) to deliver 19 StreamMaster software defined graphics, playout and channel branding platforms. The new StreamMasters replace Weigel’s existing Pixel Power Clarity and LogoVision systems.

Weigel, which currently owns 34 television stations and six digital over-the-air television networks, including MeTV, will deploy 19 virtualizable, software defined StreamMaster BRAND units for playout branding along with a single CREATE device – a virtualizable software application for creating graphics templates. Although it was the legacy technology partner, Pixel Power was chosen after a rigorous review of all the leading solutions available on the market.

 “We needed updated graphics capabilities that allowed us to tie into our asset management system to create dynamic and fully automated graphic overlays for our national networks. After testing against two other Tier 1 graphics vendors, StreamMaster was the only platform that gave us a complete workflow, including master control for channel branding, within one platform,” said Kyle Walker, VP, Technology – Weigel Broadcasting Company. “We know first-hand just how robust and reliable Pixel Power’s technology is and with these StreamMaster BRAND devices we now have the capability to take our branding to a new level of sophistication. Being a software defined solution also gives us future-proof flexibility to add new features as they come along or move to the cloud.”

Simple to deploy for single or multi-channel broadcast playout environments, StreamMaster BRAND is built from the ground up to support a wide range of automated graphics playout and channel branding needs, delivering live lower thirds, bugs, promos and other branding. This efficient, highly cost-effective solution is flexible, scalable and delivers high-end graphics reliably and without operator intervention. A set of defined rules determines its content and insertion is triggered by the station automation, and the new StreamMasters integrate seamlessly with Weigel’s proprietary automation system, which was re-worked to control them.

Mike O’Connell, Exec VP at Pixel Power Inc., a Rohde & Schwarz Company, added “we are delighted that Weigel has once again chosen to rely on our solution for its entire channel branding workflow. Our flexible, software licensing model means customers can tailor the level of functionality to suit their specific requirements, only paying for features they actually need (real-time 3D graphics, multichannel DVE, etc.) without compromising on the quality of their signature look and feel. StreamMaster BRAND is virtualizable on-premise, in a datacentre or in the public cloud for the ultimate in future-proofing.”

Rohde & Schwarz has been an innovator in broadcast and media for over 70 years. The Rohde & Schwarz product portfolio covers the entire signal processing chain for digital video and audio content – from ingest and playout to encoding and multiplexing, from contribution to satellite and IP networks to terrestrial transmission. It includes solutions for monitoring in the studio, as well as for monitoring streaming and broadcast services and entire broadcast networks. The T&M expert also offers a diverse range of instruments for testing end user equipment and infrastructure components in development, production, and quality assurance. Rohde & Schwarz invests in an IP and software-based future built with the blend of innovation, experience, and stability that the company can offer.

Rohde & Schwarz

The Rohde & Schwarz technology group is among the trailblazers when it comes to paving the way for a safer and connected world with its leading solutions in test & measurement, technology systems, and networks & cybersecurity. Founded more than 85 years ago, the group is a reliable partner for industry and government customers around the globe. On June 30, 2021, Rohde & Schwarz had around 13,000 employees worldwide. The independent group achieved a net revenue of EUR 2.28 billion in the 2020/2021 fiscal year (July to June). The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

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Pixel Power

Pixel Power develops software-defined, virtualizable solutions for broadcast playout, automation, master control, graphics and branding, used in linear television channels, OTT and VoD. Our award-winning branding and promotions systems, graphics-enabled master control switchers and sophisticated switchable graphics production systems allow producers to deliver dynamic live and pre-recorded content for any SD, HD, 4k, mobile, online or interactive application.

Pixel Power has 33 years’ experience of engineering prowess and dedication to customer support that has made it the industry’s first choice in playout, graphics and branding. With several thousand installations worldwide, customers including market-leading broadcasters such as BBC, Ericsson, ITV, SWR, WDR, TV2 Norway, Danmarks Radio, TV5 Monde, CBC, Disney, Discovery, ESPN, ViaSat and Sky.