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In the global media arena, the global media hub is the best network for publishing industry news. The global media hub is made-up of 25 websites that publish news and information relating to every area of media that you can imagine, we also have 4 mobile apps focusing on Film, Broadcast Audio and AV. All our clients can publish edits when required FOC.

We cover film, television, virtual production, systems integration, broadcast equipment, OTT, film studios, AV, Audio and much more. Our business model is totally unique in the media industry; we are deliberately creating niche sites that rank well on Google, and we have dedicated ourselves to specification within our industry.

For example, our video production site gains thousands of clicks from people who work in that sector and know that the news they see on that site is relevant to them.

We also have the generic sites that cover all sectors, and we are glad to say they have gained a strong following too. Also, the traffic to our site is significant we are exceeding 75,000 visits per month from Broadcast and Media Professionals around the globe.

Our newest development is our unique email marketing system, we have built our own email marketing platform specifically for promoting your news to our readers. We have targeted email lists that are totally GDPR compliant, that can send your news and advertising to the people you want them to reach. We currently have over 50,000 targeted email addresses in our lists.

As well as this we regularly promote your stories using paid adverts on LinkedIn and Google. We have found this to be another effective way of getting your message to your potential clients.

The great news is none of this costs the earth our pricing starts at only £300 per month


Broadcast sites         Banner adverts  £950 per month

Skyscraper advert £950 per month

MPU Sticky Advert £850 per month

Film Sites                   Banner adverts  £450 per month

Skyscraper advert £450 per month

MPU Sticky Advert £350 per month

AV & Audio Site       Banner adverts  £400 per month

Skyscraper advert £400 per month

MPU Sticky Advert £300 per month


Global Media Hub Stats, locations and demographics July 2023

Stats for July 80,001 visits per month. The monthly visitor total has averaged 75,000 since April 2023

Visitors by Location April – June

US 40% EU 24% China 11% UK 10% East Asia 9% India 2% Middle East 1.5% Africa 1% South America  1%  Australia 0.5%

Stats and Percentages for the different media sectors

Sector Sites Total Percentage


Set 1 (Broadcast, Production, Live Broadcast,)

The Broadcast Hub, Broadcast Infrastructure News, Broadcast Systems Integration News, Broadcast Industry News, TV Production News, Post Production News, Video Production News, Virtual Production World, Live Broadcasting News, Sports Broadcast News, Camera Crew News, OTT News, Nordic Media News,

Total Visits for Set 1 = 47702



Set 2 (Film and Moviemakers)

Global Film Industry News, Film & TV Location News, Film Studio News, Global Film Hub, Movie Makers News

Total Visits for Set 2 = 14750


Audio Visual

Set E (AV Sites)

Audio-Visual News, Audio Visual News UK

Total Visits for Set E = 13056



Set G (Audio Sites)

Audio Industry News

Total Visits for Set G = 2079




Top 5 % seniority

 CEO 25%, Director 22%, Entry 16%, VP 10%, Manager 10%

 Top % by sector

Broadcast 53.52%,Film  16.31%, Audiovisual 13.23%, Audio 2.37%

Advert Specifications:

Banner Size: 1280 x 220 Pixels Skyscraper Size: 400 x 1200 Pixels MPU / Video size: 400 x 400 pixels Mobile Banner Ads: 350 x 50 pixels Accepted File Types: PNG, GIF or JPeg

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The Broadcast Hub

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Virtual Production World

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Live Broadcasting News

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Film Sites

Global Film Industry News

Film & TV Location News

Film Studio News

Global Film Hub

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Audio-Visual News

Audio Visual News UK

Misc Sites

OTT News

Nordia Media News

Telecommunications News

Broadcast Industry Network

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Audio Industry News

Global Broadcast Industry News

Global Broadcast Industry News


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