A New Horizon in Broadcasting: Leading Innovations Unveiled at IBC 2023

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) has always been a stage for game-changing innovations in the broadcasting industry. This year, IBC 2023 is poised to be a hotbed of technological breakthroughs and creative solutions, unveiling a future where possibilities are endless. From CueScript’s internet-enabled teleprompting to Vislink’s mini 4K transmitters, here’s a glimpse of what’s in store.

What we can expect

CueScript: Advanced teleprompter solutions including a Sony-specific model and cloud-connected devices.

DPA Microphones: Comprehensive Location Sound Kit for film and broadcast industries.

Marshall Electronics: Cutting-edge camera models and broadcast monitors, optimized with the latest technology.

NUGEN Audio: New utility plug-ins to aid sound editors in collaboration and alignment.

Pliant Technologies: Enhanced firmware and hardware for improved wireless coverage and communication.

Studio Technologies: Innovative Intercom Station with Dante® support and a handy PC application update.

Vislink: A spectrum of OFDM, 5G, and AI solutions, including the world’s smallest 4K mobile transmitter.

Wisycom: Industry-leading broadcast solutions with new software updates and promising upcoming unveils.

Where are they going to be

CueScript | Hall 11, Stand D10 will lead the innovation charge by showcasing various PTZ teleprompter solutions, including a custom solution for the Sony FR7 PTZ Camera, cloud connectivity, and voice-activated and WiFi-enabled devices.

DPA Microphones | Hall 8, Stand F78 is set to redefine TV/film recording with its new DLS4000 Location Sound Kit, featuring esteemed condenser microphones and accessories.

Marshall Electronics | Hall 2, Stand A47 will present new NDI|HX3 camera models and upgraded POVs with the latest technology, including the new CV420Ne.

NUGEN Audio | Between Hall 7 & 8, Stand P24 will unveil its latest plug-ins, including Aligner and Jotter, and preview updates to streamline workflows.

Pliant Technologies | Hall 10, Stand C53 brings enhanced firmware, software update, and innovative communication solutions, including new CrewCom IP-rated Radio Transceivers (RTs).

Studio Technologies | Hall 8, Stand F93 reveals the Model 5312 Intercom Station with Dante® support and an update to the STcontroller PC application.

Vislink | Hall 1, Stand C51 showcases an impressive range of OFDM, 5G, and AI solutions, including the now shipping Cliq OFDM Mobile Transmitter.

Wisycom | Hall 8, Stand C51 highlights industry-leading solutions like the MTP61 Miniature Multiband Transmitter, the LBC61 4+4 Battery Charger, and upcoming exciting unveils.

IBC 2023 stands as a testament to the relentless drive toward innovation that defines the broadcasting industry. The array of products and solutions set to be showcased offers a clear indication that the future is not just bright but dazzling. Whether it’s new ways to capture sound and vision or groundbreaking methods to communicate and collaborate, the convention’s participating brands are pushing the boundaries. These are not merely incremental changes but quantum leaps that promise to reshape our understanding of what is possible in broadcasting. Join us in witnessing this exciting new chapter as we look forward to the days leading up to the show. The horizon is expanding, and we are all invited to explore what lies beyond.