Arcturus, global leaders in the advancement of volumetric video, today announces the appointment of industry veteran and innovator Steve Sullivan to the role of Chief Product Officer (CPO). Sullivan will assume comprehensive oversight over all Arcturus offerings, including a complete capture-to-distribution solution for the creation of volumetric video, featuring the award-winning HoloSuite tools and the new Mixed Reality Capture System (MRCS) originally developed by Microsoft.
As CPO, Sullivan will be in a position to help shape the trajectory of volumetric video across everything from virtual production to e-commerce to live broadcasts and more. With the market expected to grow by 28.6% and reach $7.6 billion within the next five years, he will accelerate Arcturus’ plans to make volumetric video more accessible through an increased focus on R&D — including the use of AI to improve quality and reduce the number of cameras needed to capture volumetric performances — along with creating new tools and techniques that will expand the scope of what volumetric video can do, and where it can be deployed.
“Joining the team at Arcturus feels like a natural fit. We’ve both dedicated years to the advancement of volumetric video, and together we can unite the best capture, creation and consumption solutions in ways that will immediately benefit current and future partners,” said Sullivan. “Creators have been clear about their needs, and Arcturus remains committed to innovating alongside them, making volumetric video more accessible, affordable and practical.”
In his new role, Sullivan will manage the transition of the MRCS technology from Microsoft to Arcturus, including the creation of a new, next generation pipeline that combines the advanced capture technology with Arcturus’ own leading editing and distribution software. He will also oversee the ongoing development of HoloEdit and HoloStream, ensuring that the industry-leading editing and distribution tools will remain hardware agnostic, available to all capture solutions.
Sullivan’s appointment is the latest in a series of recent developments from Arcturus that have seen it increase its influence within the volumetric video market. Building on a successful Series A funding round in 2022, Arcturus has grown to nearly 45 employees spanning multiple countries. In August, Arcturus announced that it reached a deal with Microsoft to become the sole license provider and take over the MRCS business, including all development. Along with providing support for some of the biggest and most innovative capture studios in the world, Arcturus now has access to the top capture solution available anywhere.
“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Steve aboard. He’s shown an impressive track record of bringing projects from research through to production, and he’s been a prominent leader pioneering volumetric video,” said Kamal Mistry, Arcturus CEO. “His vision for capture and post production solutions will open up volumetric video to countless potential users, and having him on the team helps to further solidify Arcturus as a leader in volumetric video.
Additional announcements — including new license agreements, HoloSuite features and partnerships — are expected later this year.
About Arcturus
Arcturus is a global leader in volumetric video, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for the capture, editing and distribution of volumetric projects for any industry. Founded in 2016 by visionaries and innovators from esteemed organizations like Pixar, Netflix, Dreamworks, Autodesk and Google, Arcturus began by launching “HoloSuite,” a fully agnostic SAAS post-production platform, featuring the industry-leading tools for editing, compressing and streaming volumetric video. In 2023, it expanded its offerings to include capture solutions after becoming the sole license provider of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture System (MRCS) business. Arcturus will also continue to develop the technology, and integrate the capture solutions with its own editing and distribution tools.
As part of its efforts to bring volumetric video to a wider audience, Arcturus works closely with a wide range of customers focused on bringing volumetric humans to virtual production, mixed reality and more, while also helping broadcast partners introduce new options to help expand live events.