Ateme, a global leader in video compression and delivery solutions with innovation at its core, and ENENSYS Technologies, a leading provider of media delivery solutions, have combined their considerable video distribution expertise to enable Rai Way, the RAI TV network operator, to start the Refarming project which will end with the transition to the DVB-T2 standard.

The move to DVB-T2 allows broadcasters to distribute HD content and provides more efficient and resilient signals, while freeing up the 700MHz terrestrial frequency for 5G mobile broadband. 

Rai Way launched a tender for the transition project in 2020. Ateme and ENENSYS, which have a long history of successful collaborations, proposed a competitive solution with a reduced Total Cost of Ownership. Through a local partner, they won the tender and the project started in 2021. 

The integrated solution includes Ateme’s TITAN software-based live video compression solution for the converged headend, with multifunctional software stream processing technology. ENENSYS provided the Seamless IP & ASI switches (ASIIPGuard) and DVB-T/T2 network gateways (SmartGate T/T2), enabling SFN transmission (Single Frequency Network). The transition was facilitated in time for the national switch-over on March 8, 2022.


“Viewers want higher-quality experiences and stronger emotions from their video entertainment,” commented Carlo Romagnoli, Sales Director Southern Europe from Ateme. “The move to DVB-T2 satisfies this need by facilitating the distribution of 4K content, as well as providing advanced features such as High Dynamic Range, High Frame Rate, Wide Color Gamut and Next Generation Audio to enhance the viewing experience. We are delighted to have been able to help Rai Way in this transition”

 “We are proud to have played a key role in this exciting project of national importance”, said Cyprien Galesne, Sales Manager Southern Europe at ENENSYS. “Our synergistic partnership with Ateme on digital media distribution projects continues from strength to strength, offering flexible solutions to complex challenges.”