Boost Graphics, the wholly owned graphics subsidiary of the leading international broadcast solutions and services provider EMG Group, has been selected as the graphics partner for the broadcast of ARES Fighting. Boost will provide a range of graphics capabilities and integrations including a dynamic design refresh for the ambitious Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) league for this and the next four seasons.


Since its launch in December 2019, the ARES Fighting Championship has brought together some of the best French and international fighters in a series of events in North Africa and in France. It was set up by Fernand Lopez, head of MMA Factory and Sports Director of ARES Fighting Championship, who has long held the ambition to widen both the talent pool of athletes and the sport’s viewing audience.


ARES is the first French MMA league and the only one to be currently broadcast on UFC Pass. ARES has also closed a long-term rights deal with the French pay-television broadcaster Canal+.


Integral to the presentation of the ARES Fighting Championship matches is Boost Graphics’ suite of technology and technical and creative expertise. This includes providing a refresh of the motion graphics re-design for the broadcasts and integration with social media for inclusion in the live coverage.


Matthieu Skrzypniak, CTO of Boost Graphics, explains, “We are excited to work with ARES Fighting Championship to showcase all the power, action and athleticism of mixed martial arts to fans and new audiences alike. We will provide a dedicated interface to the editorial crew which will enable them to ingest tweets related to ARES Fighting Championship and to select the best ones to be displayed as graphics on screen. Boost will also deliver a dedicated interface for their statistics experts to allow them to quickly and easily select and prepare relevant data to be displayed as graphics during live broadcast.”


The Boost Graphics platform is also connected directly with the event’s official timing system to extract precise clock information and refereeing decisions. In addition, the company has developed a bespoke tool for ARES to manage all graphical elements including clock, fighter data and statistics, VIP names, fight results, and match ID.