Corporate Television: Getting it Right

by Jonathan Hughes, Managing Director, ATG Danmon

Corporate television has emerged as a potent catalyst for driving business growth and fostering meaningful engagement within the ever-evolving landscape of the digital marketplace. ATG Danmon stands poised at the forefront of this transition, leveraging our technical knowledge, proven skills and unwavering commitment to excellence to craft bespoke solutions that deliver the power to navigate the digital frontier with confidence and distinction.

With a legacy of experience spanning over three decades since its inception in 1993, ATG Danmon has long occupied the vanguard of systems integration, catering to the needs of clients across many sectors of the media landscape. The following is a glimpse into our portfolio, showcasing instances where our expertise in system design combined with cutting-edge technology has redefined the application of television in customer-oriented sales promotion as well as corporate communication between company offices around the world.

Production Facility for London-Based Social Media Content Creator

PHOTO 1 That Lot studio control desk


 Based in central London, That Lot specialises in ‘social-first’ platform-specific content and production. The company was founded in 2014 by comedian, actor, writer and director David Schneider. ATG Danmon was commissioned to craft a multi-camera studio and a meticulously equipped control room. This synergy of technology and creativity has empowered That Lot to curate captivating content that transcends conventional boundaries, navigating the digital realm with broadcast-quality productions across a myriad of media platforms.

Corporate Television Production Systems for US-Based Financial Services Provider

PHOTO 2 Studio 1 at Fidelity International London showing dynamic rear screen

 Our endeavor to design, construct and implement television production systems for the global branches of a prestigious US-based financial services corporation clearly demonstrates the convergence of technology and corporate strategy.

PHOTO 3 Fidelity London master control room



These facilities are being used to maximise the organisation’s visibility through dynamic social media engagement, compelling podcasts and contributing finance-related input to broadcast television channels. They have also serve as a conduit for fostering seamless audiovisual communication among disparate offices worldwide, forging connections and driving collaborative initiatives with unparalleled efficacy.

Video Production Facility for Fortnum & Mason

PHOTO 4 Food and Drink Studio at Fortnum Mason 1

Our collaboration with Fortnum & Mason, an iconic institution steeped in tradition, is an example of our commitment to innovation and adaptability. By integrating state-of-the-art technology with the heritage and ambiance of that establishment, ATG Danmon has facilitated the creation of a dynamic video production hub. A key challenge was to integrate a production system into an area that could also be used for audience-participation events. The result is a versatile facility, fully integrated within the confines of Fortnum’s London headquarters, which marries cutting-edge cameras and lighting with the culinary artistry of a Food and Drink Studio, presenting an immersive visual narrative that celebrates the essence of the brand while captivating audiences worldwide.

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