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Dynamic Drive Pool

DDP is short for Dynamic Drive Pool

DDP is short for Dynamic Drive Pool

Performance per desktop with the DDP SAN is very high: up to 5 times more then with NAS systems. This results from the data versus metadata handling over the network.

A DDP with SSD and hard disk packs has SSD bandwidth with hard disk capacity. This results from the file based SSD cache. Hard and solid state disk packs in such DDP operate integrated.

DDP always has a single directory tree with folders. Folders selected can be exported as volumes. Users can mount these volumes and work on projects with applications without limitations.

Storage can be expanded and DDPs can be added without effecting the directory/folder tree.


The Ardis Virtual File System (AVFS)

The Ardis Virtual File System (AVFS) is the software engine /metadata controller underneath

Scale out means that both capacity and performance can be increased separately at any time.AVFS is a single file system which can manage combinations of hard and solid state disks. DDP base systems come with AVFS installed. Hard and solid state disk packs of either 4 or 8 disks can therefore be combined within a DDP base system. Packs of different capacities are offered. Hard disks capacity per disk is already beyond 14 TB. SSD capacity is already beyond 30TB per disk. To use AVFS in the High Availability mode a dual DDP Head and preferably redundant hardware raid arrays are required.


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