CRAWLEY, UK, 6 September 2023: Densitron, the global leader in display, touch-based interfaces and specialized ODM+ outsourced product design and development for broadcast manufacturers, has announced the latest addition to its range of haptics control solutions. The new product, 2RU Haptics Control Surface, will be shown at IBC 2023 (Stand 8.C90) and is the first to reach the market in the highly popular 2RU form factor.
For Densitron, the 2RU Haptics Control Surface is the latest fruition of a multi-year program to develop and perfect the mechanical complexity and design rules associated with haptic vibration. Developed with an emphasis on making haptics accessible and beneficial for a host of broadcast business needs, Densitron’s haptic solutions are targeted at broadcast manufacturers, who are aiming to enhance their operations through the adoption of innovative technologies.
Explaining the growing popularity of haptics, Densitron SVP Product, Peter Semerak comments: “Users often need to feel confirmation or acknowledgement when they perform certain actions, as opposed to always looking at the screen to be reassured that their touch has been registered. This kind of tactile feedback is particularly crucial in a fast-paced broadcast environment where quick and accurate control is essential, and users need to be able to focus on the content being produced. With a solution like our 2RU Haptics Control Surface, broadcast operators can concentrate on the content, reduce visual distractions, and benefit from accurate control of key parameters such as audio levels, camera movements and graphics placement.”
Complemented by extensive pre-sales testing, on-boarding and training in both electronics and mechanics, Densitron’s haptics solution is designed to align with bespoke customer specifications. The company’s control panel technology seamlessly merges the benefits of HD displays, touchscreen controls and custom computing, enabling effortless and rapid development of high-quality GUIs. In addition, Densitron offers an easily mountable mechanical option – requiring only 4 to 6 mounting holes – that aligns with existing mechanical housing, while on the electronics front the plug & play solution seamlessly integrates with Densitron’s hardware or other Human Interface Devices (HIDs).
Densitron continues to register strong interest in its haptics solutions from broadcast manufacturers, who recognize the scope of this technology to help differentiate their outputs, support more innovative user interactions, and enable greater end-user satisfaction.
“Our R&D has consistently shown that broadcast users really value the physical sensation and vibrations provided by haptics control surfaces,” confirms Semerak. “Live broadcast, in particular, can be an extremely pressurized, noisy and stressful environment, and anything that delivers reassurance and helps reduce visual distractions is very welcome. The last thing you want is uncertainty over whether you have pressed a button or performed an action, especially if you are going live to air with news or sports. With our powerful tactile and haptics family – now joined by the 2RU Control Surface – broadcast manufacturers have the opportunity to deliver control options that reduce user error and boost both efficiency and end-user satisfaction. So it’s really a win-win on all fronts!”
The 2RU Control Surface will be unveiled to the market on stand 8.C90 at IBC 2023.
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