DTVKit, a leading provider of royalty free DVB software solutions for digital television, has announced its latest addition to its suite of broadcast technology software. By partnering with Ocean Blue Software , DTVKit can now offer a version of the innovative ORB HbbTV 2.0.3 solution fully integrated to DTVKit DVBCore and DSMCC with versions for both RDK and Android.

The key advantage of this solution is that its innovative architecture uses the existing system browser (WPE or Android Webview) instead of having to add another browser to support HbbTV. This reduces system complexity, software footprint and subsequent resource requirements.

Javascript and Reusable C++ Components:

The HbbTV solution by DTVKit is executed primarily in Javascript, providing flexibility and ease of development. The use of reusable C++ components further enhances performance and reliability. This combination enables OEMs and developers to leverage their existing expertise in these widely used programming languages, reducing the learning curve and simplifying the development process.

Faster Time to Market and Lower Development Costs:

By utilising DTVKit’s fully integrated version of the ORB solution, OEMs can significantly reduce their time to market for launching HbbTV-enabled services. The solution provides a comprehensive framework and pre-built components, reducing the need for extensive research and development efforts. This not only accelerates the deployment process but also helps in cutting down development costs.

Royalty-Free Membership:

As with all DTVKit software, the ORB HbbTV solution is available with full source code access and is royalty-free for DTVKit members. By becoming part of DTVKit, members gain access to a comprehensive suite of royalty free software solutions for DVB, including the HbbTV solution, without incurring additional licensing fees.

Leveraging HbbTV 2.0.3 and the latest browser technologies, DTVKit’s solution provides OEMs with faster time to market, reduced development costs, maximised portability, enhanced security, and the flexibility to tailor their offerings. The benefits of being a DTVKit member, include unlimited access to high quality, royalty-free software, making it an appealing choice for anyone seeking to elevate their television services.To learn more, book a meeting with us at IBC 2023 by emailing [email protected].