EMG, Europe’s leading broadcast service provider, today announced a significant step in its commitment to sustainability by signing an order with Volvo for its first fully electric 19T rigid tender vehicle. This pioneering initiative, marks EMG as the first OB provider to announce the adoption of electric trucks into its fleet with the vehicle being introduced in early 2024.

The decision to integrate the Volvo FE Electric unit into the EMG fleet has been on the horizon for the past few years, as EMG continues to work on its vision of more environmentally conscious operations. The vehicle was selected after evaluating different innovations offered by the market and conducting a demo with Volvo. EMG’s longstanding partnership with Volvo extends to a maintenance agreement that will ensure the vehicle’s ongoing reliability and performance during this crucial trial phase.

This latest addition follows EMG’s introduction of six Volvo FH (Forward High) tractor units in May, which aligned with the Euro 6 standard for cleaner exhaust emissions. While the vehicles in EMG’s fleet already adhere to the Euro 6 standard, the new Volvo FE Electric truck adds an impressive reduction in CO2 emissions. It produces 414 kg of CO2 compared to the previous 10,000 kg, making it a game-changer in terms of its environmental impact.  EMG’s new Volvo FE Electric I truck will be equipped with four GEN 3 traction batteries, designed and built to meet Swedish impact and ECE R29 regulations. 

Commenting on this pioneering milestone, Rohan Mitchell, EMG Group ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Director, stated, “EMG is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainability in the broadcast industry. This order signifies not only the acquisition of our first fully electric truck but also the beginning of a broader implementation of electric vehicles across our OB fleet. It’s an essential first step towards a more sustainable future, which will be backed by logistics planning, and training for our drivers and technicians.”

Hannah Burgess, Director of New Vehicle Sales at Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland, added, “It’s great to see EMG leading the way in its sector by specifying our standard-setting electric technology. We’re supremely confident that the Volvo FE Electric is the ideal match for EMG and will allow it to continue delivering top notch broadcasting while also accelerating its sustainability efforts.”

EMG’s adoption of the Volvo FE Electric truck is a testament to its unwavering commitment to sustainability, pushing the boundaries of technology in the broadcasting industry, and serving as a benchmark for others to follow.