London, UK, June 14th, 2023 – Big Pic Media announces its appointment as UK distributor for Emotion Systems. The agreement covers the complete range of Emotion products. These are designed to simplify compliance with loudness, accessibility and localisation requirements prior to delivery and distribution.

Emotion Systems’ core products are Engine, Eclient, Eff and Eve. These enable editors to save time they would otherwise spend dealing with tasks like audio channel mapping and loudness compliance. Once the audio has been mixed and a programme has been mastered, the multiple versions needed for all the required deliverables can be created via automated software running in the control room rather than having to be sent back to the edit suite.

• Engine is a file-based, flexible and scalable enterprise audio application that makes time-consuming audio processing tasks quick and easy. A high-performance solution to loudness compliance without affecting the master video file, Engine also automates other repetitive audio processing tasks for content preparation, distribution, and delivery. A wide range of modules can be bought and used individually or combined to create automated workflows. Engine runs on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and Linux platforms.

• Eclient, designed for use with Engine, can be used to queue files for processing, to see their status during processing, and to link to reports created during processing. It provides workflow details plus live status updates from all active watch folders.

• Eff (Emotion File Finish) is a cost-effective desktop solution that simplifies the complex task of loudness-compliant audio to multiple channels.

• Eve (Emotion Verification Engine) display broadcast-ready files in native resolution. It can also display loudness errors for PCM audio as well as various encoded audio formats. The application assists human QC by showing relevant audio information contained within audio files.

“Emotion Systems has a proven track record of excellence in supporting audio professionals through their transition from analogue to digital content delivery,” says Big Pic Media director Adam Welsh. “The Emotion product family includes high-precision solutions to challenges such as loudness compliance, multi-language soundtrack management, pre-delivery file preparation, audio transcoding, stereo-to-surround-sound conversion, channel mapping and file standards conformance. These are issues faced by everyone in the electronic media industry, from studio production and archiving to postproduction, presentation and playout. I am confident that we will see strong demand across our broad customer range.”

“Big Pic Media is one of the UK’s best known media equipment distribution companies with an impressive reputation for the quality of its pre-sales guidance as well as post-sale support,” adds Emotion Systems’ CEO MC Patel. “We look forward to working with Adam and his colleagues in the fast-evolving broadcast, digital cinematography and streaming media sectors.”

Emotion Systems ( was founded in 2011 on the principle of providing audio professionals with the best products to solve real-life problems. It has maintained that approach to this day by focusing relentlessly on audio automation, listening enthusiastically to our clients and industry colleagues and collaborating with you to create products that serve your purposes. We understand that your workloads always increase while your resources seldom do; our products represent real value for money in delivering efficiencies and helping you do more with less. As a small team of specialists, we are able to respond quickly to the changing needs of our industry and we always go the extra mile to support our clients.

Big Pic Media is a resource for industry-leading production, post-production, broadcast and media products and services. It can advise and supply solutions from individual items to fully integrated suites. With offices in London and Los Angeles, Big Pic Media offers a global service to the industry, as a supplier and a representative. Big Pic Media has a support function which oversees design and installation services as well as offering engineering support for products supplied by the company. This department can design, develop and install facility updates or entire facilities on request.