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[Los Angeles, August 13, 2023] –  Fabric, the leader in media and entertainment catalog management is collaborating with industry leaders IMDb, FOX Entertainment, Paramount, ITV, EIDR, and Xperi to solve one of the entertainment industry’s most persistent challenges: the efficient management and delivery of accurate metadata for content. The Authenticated Data Specification (ADS) Accelerator Project at IBC 2023 brings together major players across the media landscape to address this long-standing issue and pave the way for a new era of streamlined metadata management.

The primary goal of the ADS Accelerator Project is to establish a system of data governance that empowers content creators to maintain, update, and verify metadata, images, and usage rights associated with their products. By proposing workflows and processes to improve the accuracy and authenticity of metadata throughout the content supply chain, the project aims to enhance user experiences and elevate overall product quality.

“Entertainment content creation is a labor-intensive process, and the quality of accompanying metadata often suffers as it passes through various systems and platforms. Critical details get lost, descriptions are truncated, and gaps are filled with unreliable third-party data,” said Tuncay Pervaz, Chief Operating Officer from Fabric. “The ADS project seeks to rectify this by creating a more consistent metadata delivery payload, enabling secure data authentication and facilitating the publishing and display of authenticated metadata via distribution platforms.”

Addressing the project’s multifaceted challenge requires a combination of specialized technologies, resources, and expertise. The project team encompasses the entire spectrum of media metadata, including content creators, metadata management specialists, and aggregators. This diverse knowledge base ensures a holistic approach to solving challenges and delivering solutions that benefit the entire industry.

The ADS Accelerator Project will be showcased at IBC 2023, September 15-18, in Hall 3 booth A25a. Attendees can witness a live demonstration of how certified ‘publishers’ can create, modify, enhance, and authenticate metadata records. The demo will highlight the process of publishing and displaying ‘authenticated’ metadata on third-party distribution sites. The project’s extensive documentation, best practice guides, and workflow diagrams will accompany the demonstration. A presentation of the project will be given on Saturday, 16 September at 1:30 PM CET in the IBC Accelerator Zone Stage.

Pervaz continued, “As a participant in the ADS project, Fabric is motivated to contribute to streamlining metadata delivery and enhancing its authenticity. The project aligns with Fabric’s mission to reduce friction in data transfer processes across the industry. We are excited about partnering with clients to establish a universal metadata standard, drive improvements and provide leadership across the broader media landscape.”

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