Memorandum of understanding confirms co-operation on advancing standards and practices

IABM, the international trade and business association for broadcast and media technology with 450 members worldwide, has agreed a memorandum of understanding with the UHD World Association (UWA). The collaboration was formally agreed on 16th September 2023 at IBC2023 in Amsterdam. UWA is an initiative originating in China, and this collaboration is an important opportunity for IABM members to gain insights and understanding into key developments coming from that market.

The goal of IABM is to provide vital networking and interaction to shape and define the unique ecosystem of the broadcast and media technology industry, through discussion and collaboration. As new technologies and techniques emerge, it is clearly important that the industry should understand progress and have strong inputs into developing standards.

The UWA is the first international industrial and standards organisation to be established in China. Operating as a non-profit body, it brings together global enterprises, public institutes, scientific research centres and professional associations involved in the development and manufacture of Ultra HD audio and video products and services.

“The IABM frequently takes the lead in providing a bridge between standards and practices bodies and the industry,” said Lucinda Meek, IABM Chief Finance and Operations Officer. “This agreement with UWA is all about making closer ties, and deepening co-operation, so vendors are on top of all developments and can offer input where they have specific knowledge and experience.

“We also see IABM and UWA working together to ensure that all relevant information is shared as widely as possible,” Meek added. “That will including participating in industry events and papers for trade publications, as well as promoting the viewpoints of each organisation and its membership.”


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