Illuminating a Biotech Giant’s Space with the Magic of Fiilex Track Lights

Illuminating a Biotech Giant’s Space with the Magic of Fiilex Track Lights

Illuminating a Biotech Giant’s Space: with the Magic of Fiilex Track Lights

The Challenges Faced:

  • Ambient Light Dynamics: With windows enveloping three sides, the space grapples with fluctuating ambient light, showcasing diverse Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT) as the day progresses.
  • Ceiling Constraints: The 9-foot ceiling height presented challenges for overhead lighting installations.
  • Design Harmony: This wasn’t a dedicated studio, this necessitated lighting fixtures that melded seamlessly with the room’s architectural essence.
  • Adaptable Positioning: The need for lights that could be easily repositioned for varied setups was paramount.
  • Precision in Lighting: Ensuring that the lights didn’t cast any glare on monitors was crucial, also the lighting of speakers and presenters was another major challenge.

Fiilex Track Light the solution:

Enter Jonathan Lipsy, a seasoned lighting designer, who, understanding the space’s unique demands, championed the Fiilex Track light system.

isg boston

Jonathan Lipsy Lighting Designer

His decision was rooted in:

  • CCT Mastery: Fiilex lights can be adeptly tuned to mirror the CCT of the ambient light, promising visual harmony.
  • Space Savvy: the Fiilex Track Light system and fixtures elegantly fit within a 9-inch overhead space.
  • Sleek Design: Fiilex’s design aesthetics ensure the fixtures enhance, not overshadow, the room’s design.
  • Ease and Elegance: The track system, is simple to install and offers the liberty to move lights across any point on the track.
  • Spot-on Glare Control: The hard nature of Fiilex track lights, paired with their attached barn doors, ensures glare is kept in check.
FLX L 101216 presentation Track Light 2 2

Easy-to-use control panel

The Grand Finale: The project, impressively, came in under budget, drawing commendations from the management. The resultant light quality was top-tier, and the ease of operating the lighting setup was lauded. Lipsy, proud of the transformation, even crafted a testimonial video, spotlighting the game-changing prowess of the Fiilex Track lights in the space.

We will give the final word to Lipsy who said, “We were not building a studio, we were building a realm of light.” This speaks volumes about the capabilities of the Fiilex Track Light System a game changer in the film, broadcast, and corporate world.

Link to Fiilex website Fiilex LED Lights

Link to Jonathan Lipsy HOME | Jmllightingservices

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