Cutting-edge AI technology meets innovative video virtualization to transform viewer experiences.

  • First of its kind combination of AI driven highlights and virtualised video streams to provide automated, personalised highlights
  • Delivers automated highlights that fuse both live and  historical archive content
  • Provides infinite flexibility to tailor hyper-personalised video streams
  • Enhanced fan engagement through user interface allowing fans to search content and  create personalised video streams from archived content


Magnifi by VideoVerse an AI-driven video technology company and powerful video-editing SaaS platform is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Linius Technologies Limited (ASX:LNU) , the only cloud-based solution that unlocks the value of video archives with immersive and deeply personalized viewer experiences, to revolutionize personalized video streaming experiences by integrating cutting-edge AI-driven video technology with innovative video virtualization capabilities.


This transformative collaboration introduces groundbreaking solutions that seamlessly merge live and historical archive content, delivering automated, personalized highlights and highly tailored video streams. By combining Magnifi’s expertise in AI-driven video editing and Linius’ advanced video virtualization platform, users will benefit from a new level of interactivity and customization in their video consumption.


“The automated highlights market is a well-established market with both Magnifi and Linius seeking to disrupt that market with our technologies,” stated Linius CEO, James Brennan “Together, the companies will accelerate that disruption and bring even greater value and innovation to customers. I am excited to be working with the Magnifi team on several near-term opportunities and to further integrate our technologies into highly differentiated offerings.”


The collaboration enables Magnifi and Linius to enhance value to customers through bundled offerings that provide control over preferred content directly to the fans.


Key benefits:


  • Monetizing Archives: By adding Linius’ Whizzard Portal archive product to their portfolio, Magnifi extends their market-leading solution for live content to their clients’ vast archives. With Magnifi’s AI integrated into Linius, AI-generated highlights from large historical archives can be combined with live content. These are then transformed into multiple mobile-friendly aspect ratios through Magnifi’s ball & player tracking AI – offering unique automated fan engagement solutions with personalized video streams.
  • Viewer Engagement through Personalisation: Customers can create new revenue streams and monetize data in ground-breaking ways. By leveraging Linius’ Whizzard Captivate product along with Magnifi’s AI-generated metadata, personalized highlights can be generated in milliseconds based on user preferences, enabling broadcasters/OTTs, federations and teams to forge deeper connections with audiences and capitalize on their engagement.
  • Cost Savings and Efficiency: Using the Linius platform to create virtual highlights reduces the need for processing and storage of actual video files. Linius’s just-in-time approach to rendering and distribution of video streams combined with Magnifi’s automated publishing workflows provide customers with enormous operational efficiencies and substantial cost benefits.


“Our new partnership with Linius will allow us to bring greater capability to our customers, unlocking the full value of their live and archived content,” said Vinayak Shrivastav, CEO, Magnifi. “We are excited to be creating the world’s first truly personalized AI-driven automated highlights solution for our customers and their viewers. This unique capability will change the way viewers consume content.” 


The joint solution was demonstrated at the recent NAB Show in Las Vegas in April 2024. Both companies will continue to target broadcasters, sporting federations, leagues and rights holders globally.  Magnifi and Linius will combine sales efforts in certain markets to target accelerated growth.


About Magnifi


Magnifi has found an extremely strong product-market fit in serving enterprises across numerous industries – OTT players, broadcasters, sports clubs and leagues, marketing agencies, e-gaming platforms and more. Magnifi is building the next-generation video editing ecosystem, addressing a broad range of use cases in the post-production process. The company started its journey by generating instant key moments and auto short-sized clips leveraging computer vision and AI capabilities, the sliver in which it is the current tech leader. They work with leading rights holders including the Indian Premier League, Women’s Premier League, Vietnam Basketball Association, Yamo Media, CricClubs, SuperSport Schools, Professional Squash Association and leading sports broadcasters globally. Magnifi today has offices in the U.S., Europe and India and is expanding to Singapore and the Middle East by the end of this year.


About Linius Technologies


Linius’ purpose is to unlock the value of the world’s video, creating immersive, deeply personalized viewing experiences. For the first time, we make it possible to find, curate, and utilize the valuable moments across vast libraries of video, enabling viewers to create an infinite amount of personalised video compilations on-the-fly, providing the most relevant content to each viewer. 


Our patented Video Virtualisation Engine™ (VVE) turns big, bulky video files into lightweight, searchable data that is enriched with AI and ML, making it easy and efficient for users to find and share what matters to them. Creators and owners of video can drive greater viewing, and monetisation of their video assets.


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For further information, please contact: James Brennan, CEO, +61 (0)3 8672 7186 or [email protected]