TV 2, a television broadcaster in Norway, has chosen Magnifi, an AI-powered highlight generation platform, to enhance its coverage of football for fans across the nation.


As part of this engagement, TV 2 will use Magnifi to simplify the creation of highlights from multiple leagues. Through the use of football-specific meta-tags, such as “goal,” “save,” or “penalty kick,” TV 2 can auto-generate relevant clips in under a minute. TV 2 has already started using this AI-powered technology to capture key moments from The Toppserien and Norwegian First Division since the end of March. 


Upon generating the highlights, these clips can be auto-resized to the ideal dimensions of different platforms, especially the 9:16 viewing experience on the OTT platform, all while keeping the football at the center of the screen thanks to the award-winning ball-tracking technology of Magnifi. TV 2 can then distribute highlights to more of our  Live channels, OTT service – TV 2 Play,  web service – and SoMe including Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube, and more. 


The use of Magnifi streamlines TV 2’s production, amplifies its reach, and ultimately makes football more accessible to Norwegian fans across the nation.


“Delivering the best experience for our viewers is our driving force and we are excited to work with Magnifi because of its deep expertise and experience in the sport, in addition to providing a cost-effective solution.  Magnifi’s suite is already widely used by football leagues, teams, and broadcasters around the world. We expect TV 2’s adoption of Magnifi to have the same effect: improve coverage of the sport through a greater library of highlights, which facilitate content discovery, brand loyalty, and most importantly, revenue generation,” said Kenneth Cuomo, Customer Success Specialist. 


Founded in 1992, TV 2 has grown to be one of the largest television broadcasters in Norway. The team at Magnifi is proud to now count one of the nation’s most storied broadcasters – in a region where football is a beloved pastime.


“While we’re proud of our cutting-edge technology, we’re ultimately more proud of what this means for our end users – in this case, the football community. As a football broadcaster, TV 2 can increase production, viewership, and monetization, while their fans get easier access to a stunning volume of new football highlights. This is a rare case in sport where everyone wins,” said Vinayak Shrivastava, the CEO of Magnifi


In addition to Magnifi’s use for The Toppserien and Norwegian First Division, it will be rolled out for other leagues soon. Fans should stay tuned for these new highlights on a television near you.