Amsterdam, IBC 2023 Preview

Amsterdam’s world-renowned International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2023, taking place on September 15, is gearing up to welcome industry stalwarts from across the realms of media, entertainment, and technology. This annual gathering is not just an event but an institution where the industry’s pulse is felt and its future trajectories are carved.

One such luminary set to make headlines is NDI. Known for its pioneering efforts in defining video connectivity with its Network Device Interface standards, NDI’s presence at IBC is eagerly anticipated by industry insiders.

In what’s being touted as a seminal moment for the brand, NDI is slated to introduce their innovative product, NDI 6. This product stands as a testament to the brand’s vision for a globally unified video-connected world. Promising advancements include a broader range of video formats, ensuring unmatched image and colour fidelity. Catering to the expansive needs of the industry and reaching out to the burgeoning gaming community, NDI 6 also boasts seamless integration capabilities with WAN and the public internet.

Beyond product launches, the NDI agenda for IBC is both comprehensive and insightful. September 17 will see a series of NDI-focused educational seminars. These will feature expert panels discussing the future of NDI, and the larger implications of video over IP in broadcasting. For those keen on tangible demonstrations, the Vizrt and 3D Storm booths promise live insights into NDI’s operations and a firsthand look at NDI 6.

In an exclusive offer to the media, NDI’s President, Mr Tarif Sayed, is open for detailed conversations, whether they be phone-based, video calls, or through traditional email correspondence. His thoughts on NDI’s trajectory and the forthcoming NDI 6 launch are sure to provide a deeper understanding of the industry’s direction. Additionally, IBC attendees can engage with Nicholas Mariette, NDI’s recently appointed Director of Product Management, for a more granular look at their technological advancements.

As preparations for IBC 2023 continue in earnest, one thing is clear: NDI, with its line-up of innovations, is set to be a major talking point.