Will highlight the need for preserving metadata in audio archiving projects

Vienna, Austria—  4 September, 2023

AV digitizing and archiving specialist NOA GmbH will participate in the 54th International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) and International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) conference that takes place Sept 11–15 at the University in Istanbul.

The hybrid event will combine in-person with online sessions streamed live to registered participants via Zoom and will feature papers, posters, panel discussions, keynotes, exhibits, and more.

At the gathering, NOA will address attendees with the paper, “Synchronous and Asynchronous Collection, Manipulation and Preservation of Metadata in Audio Archiving Projects.”

During its presentation on Sept. 12 at 2.00 p.m. (700 a.m. EDT, 1.00 p.m. CET), NOA will take a deep dive into the importance of the vast number of information-rich metadata that is generated and collected during the process of transitioning from physical to digital sound documents, and how this metadata can provide essential details about each sound document in question.

NOA will provide an overview of the various sources, types, methods of collection and manipulation, and eventual fates of the various forms of metadata. The company will place special focus on the significant difference between ‘synchronous’ and ‘asynchronous’ processes when archiving and annotating media content.

“The topic of our paper is a response to the need for preserving metadata in audio archiving projects,” explains Jean-Christophe Kummer, managing partner of NOA. “It results from both knowledge and expertise NOA has developed in years dedicated to find and finetune the technology supporting archive management. In addition to that we are honored to sponsor this event as a sign of commitment to the industry and the community.”

It’s possible to sign up for the event, of which NOA is an official sponsor, here.

IASA, established in 1969, is a professional organization dedicated to the preservation, management and access of audiovisual material, including sound recordings, moving images and related media.

The organization provides a platform for archivists, librarians, researchers, educators and other professionals to share knowledge, says its mission is to promote the development of best practices, standards and guidelines for the preservation and access of audiovisual heritage. This, it says, includes advocating for the use of appropriate technologies and methodologies to safeguard audiovisual material from degradation and obsolescence, while also ensuring their availability for future generations.

More information about NOA and its products is available at www.noa-archive.com or by phone at +43 1 545 2700.


About NOA GmbH

NOA delivers scalable, high quality AV digitizing and archiving innovations to make audio and video archives easily available in enterprise storage facilities. Sustainable long-term preservation of media content is guaranteed as NOA’s unique products rely on open archival standards and formats, and continuous checks for transfer integrity to ensure highest possible quality of audio and video content. NOA’s turnkey solutions deliver systems to meet the specific needs of any business.

ingestLINE™, actLINE™, jobDB™, mediARC™ and the entry level Pico systems safeguard future media accessibility and enterprise-wide collaboration. Advanced semantic metadata management ensures NOA’s family of products deliver efficient and reliable identification and retrieval of archival content.

NOA’s intuitive proprietary technologies are currently installed in more than thirty international institutions including Austrian National Broadcaster ORF, Sveriges Radio Förvaltnings (SRF), Yleisradio Finland (YLE), Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV), the national sound archives of Switzerland and Mexico, the Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT) and many more