Attendees were able to go behind the scenes and get hands on with production

18th September 2023 – London, United Kingdom – Rycote Windshields, the renowned developer and manufacturer of shock and wind protection for field production sound, is thrilled to announce the resounding success of its recent ‘Meet the Team Event Day’. The event, held at Rycote’s brand new manufacturing facility in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, offered a hands-on experience that showcased the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and its close-knit partnership with its global network of dealers and on-location sound engineers.

The event, which took place on 5th September 2023, brought together valued partners, dealers, and sound engineers, for a day filled with engaging activities and insights. The highlight of the event was a comprehensive factory tour that allowed attendees to witness first-hand the meticulous craftsmanship and technology that goes into every Rycote product. They in fact, got to experience production for themselves as they were invited to get hands on, on the production line and create their very own Softie.

James Scott, Operations Director comments: “The factory tour was an eye-opening experience for our guests. They got to see first-hand the dedication of our great workforce and the advanced technology we deploy to manufacture our products. With Rycote products the attention to detail is key, and we take immense pride in exactly that, and it was evident in every step of the tour. It’s a testament to the quality that defines Rycote.”

Key highlights of the event included:

  • Factory Tour: Attendees were given an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Rycote’s cutting-edge manufacturing facility. They had the opportunity to observe the intricate processes involved in the production of Rycote’s renowned windshields and shock mounts, gaining a deeper appreciation for the company’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Guests were then invited to have a go at creating their own product!
  • Guests experienced Rycote’s brand new hemi-anechoic chamber, which is the only one in the UK to have a wind tunnel installed, enabling the factory to truly test the products to their full capabilities.
  • Product Demonstrations: Rycote’s team of experts conducted live product demonstrations and showed the soon to be launched microphones; BD-10, made for stereo and field recording, mainly applied on ambient and dialogues, and the HC-35, a long shotgun microphone developed for sport broadcast, a wide outdoor shot dialogue on a script TV.
  • Focus Groups: The event featured interactive focus groups where attendees were invited to share their feedback and ask questions of the Rycote team. This “round-table” session was one of the most important elements of the event for Rycote, as they invite the opportunity to listen and understand their community.
  • Networking Opportunities: Dealers and on-location sound engineers from various regions had the chance to connect, exchange ideas, and forge stronger partnerships. The event fostered an atmosphere of collaboration and unity, reinforcing Rycote’s commitment to working closely with its global network of partners.

rycote factory2

Bjorn Rennemo-Henriksen, Channel Director, Audio, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support from attendees, saying, “We are delighted by the success of our Meet the Team Event Day. It was a fantastic opportunity to come together as a community and celebrate our shared passion for audio capturing. Rycote is committed to not only delivering exceptional products but also continuing the strong, lasting relationships with partners and engineers.”

Rycote’s commitment to innovation, quality, and collaboration was the overarching theme of the event, highlighting the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of professional audio technology.

The Meet the Team Event Day exemplified Rycote Windshields’ mission to provide audio professionals with the tools they need to capture pristine sound, even in the most challenging conditions. By working in close collaboration with its network of partners, Rycote continues to lead the industry with its cutting-edge solutions.


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