PARIS, France — 11 September, 2023

Sparkup – a leading provider of real-time interactive livestream experiences, including the remarkable ‘Mosaik’ fan wall solution – announces its participation in the innovative IBC Accelerator Project ‘Real-Time XR Sport Edge’; an initiative that aims to elevate the delivery of real-time sports to audiences, using ‘XR’ to augment the audience experience and increase engagement and value.

Building on the back of an award-winning 2021 accelerator project which explored the use of location-based 5G ‘XR’ (i.e. ‘extended reality’, containing augmented, virtual and mixed reality elements), the new Real-Time XR Sport Edge project focuses on exploring ways to broadcast digital twin XR Sports (i.e. two competitor sports) with the addition of immersive high-end graphics, as well as spatial and social audio. Focusing on MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) specifically, the Real-Time XR Sport Edge aims to build on the latest innovations in interactive digital athletes, fan engagement, motion capture, AI and high-speed edge content delivery. It will explore methods for delivering this content to audiences viewing through VR headsets, computers and mobile devices, as well as simultaneously broadcast to an outdoor location-based experience venue at The Outernet in London.

Sparkup’s Mosaik audience wall solution, which engages online and onsite audiences simultaneously, will be a key component of this overall initiative. By pulling video feeds from participants to display as a virtual crowd with no attendance capacity limitations, Mosaik allows everybody to be present and involved in the event, just as they would be if they were physically present. The ability to see others and be a true part of the event – with a front-row seat to the action – allows audiences a far more immersive experience, drawing on the shared excitement, energy and emotion of visible shared experience, comprising both virtual and in-person attendees.

Mosaik gives event hosts full creative control over the way that the virtual audience is displayed, allowing adjustments to size and layout, whilst also incorporating features that allow one-click blocking and AI-based automation for the elimination of black screens or empty seats, making sure that the crowd displayed is always vibrant and energised.

Speaking about the value of the technology in the context of live sports delivery, Vincent Bruneau, Founder and CEO, Sparkup, said: “Participants love seeing themselves on the streaming broadcast and reacting to the live event. A virtual audience combined with real-time interactivity brings a special feeling of togetherness and energy that has a real impact on audience engagement throughout the event”.

He concluded: “It’s a privilege and a pleasure to be working alongside a number of long-admired industry peers in order to explore this important and exciting concept together. IBC Accelerator projects are crucial in advancing the collective interests and abilities of the industry, and show how important collaborative thinking is for us all. We are proud to be a part of that”.

Sparkup will be showcasing its PoC and findings at the Real-Time XR Sport Edge on Monday 18th of September, from 12.15 to 1.15pm at the Innovation Stage in Hall 3. Those interested in attending or learning more about the project can visit arrange to meet with the Sparkup team at IBC 2023.

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