Hangzhou, China – The 19th Asian Games has been a spectacle of sportsmanship and event Production. Star Media, a leading broadcast technology company, has provided fully support for live production of the Rowing, Canoe Sprint, Canoe Slalom and Baseball events.

Star Media with their self-developed 4K IP OB6 and OB3 broadcast vehicles high-definition video together with surround sound for public live signals productions, along with a director-general and a technical team, who have many experienced in live event which including the 2016 Olympics.

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To make sure a high-performance broadcasting quality, Star Media has developed personalized broadcasting equipments based on different sports. For example, during the rowing, canoe sprint, and canoe slalom competitions, Star Media customized some products. Like: high-speed cameras, film track machines, three-axis gyroscopes, wireless microwaves, drones, and mobile tracking boats to provide comprehensive coverage for capture athletes’ emotion moments.

In addition to these specialized production, Star Media also uses remote power supply and optical transmission to ensure uninterrupted broadcasting even from those long-distance camera positions. This allows viewers to watch from multiple angles and perspectives.

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At Asian Games baseball field, Star Media implemented a seven-day continuous power-on using their OB3 to ensure a continue signals and comprehensive support for production teams.

Star Media also utilized SONY F5500 movie cameras and PL Mount 50-1000mm Film Telephoto Lens to provide a movie-like championship moment By using five 12-channel slow-motion servers, providing more camera perspectives for multi-angle slow-motion playback.

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In terms of audio production, Star Media adopted a 4.0 surround sound + stereo production. They used Sennheiser 416 stereo microphones for sound collection along various points along the way.

Currently, event production has become the core driving force of large-scale international sports broadcasting. Therefore, the experienced and skilled Star Media Team is always committed for domestic and international sports production. The success experiences from the 19th Asian Games live productions will encourage the team for any other sports.

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