Zixi Ultra-Low Latency Powers Innovative SaaS OTT Platform

WALTHAM, MA April 04, 2023 — Zixi, the industry leader for enabling cost-efficient and highly scalable live broadcast-quality video over any IP network or protocol and provider of the award-winning SDVP today announced a partnership with Streann Media, who has integrated Zixi into the innovative and interactive Smart OTT platform to provide distribution, engagement and monetization tools for the ultimate end-user experience that allows content creators to deliver live stream content and build advanced business models.

Streann Media’s Smart OTT platform and its advanced features and functionality allows users to create live streams on Web, iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, and Smart TVs. Streann Media’s next generation solutions utilize more than 150 proprietary features and patent pending technologies facilitating effortless creation, distribution, engagement and monetization of content with a global footprint that reaches millions of active users in 141 geographies. Unique capabilities enable content creators to have real-time engagement with their consumers by simply watching and chatting resulting in increased retention rates, as well as the ability to broadcast live streams to multiple destinations simultaneously including Facebook- Live, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube Live, Web, RTMP and other Internet applications.

Streann provides the power of non-intrusive advertisement with control over CPM pricing and keeping all the benefits of digital advertising using patented technology. Real-time content metrics with machine learning analytics enable broadcasters to understand audience behavior and run more efficient marketing ad campaigns, while also being able to effortlessly go live directly from the smartphone serving applications such as news-gathering and live content contribution. Additional features gamify the content experience by creating trivia games for the platform and scheduling      time for the game and play.

Streann Media’s Zixi integration allows content creators to leverage Zixi’s industry leading video over IP technology proven with over 15+ years of experience and trusted by over 1000+ media customers in 100+ countries, to deliver and contribute video to and from global markets. Using the industry leading Zixi protocol means that users can connect to a wide range of broadcast-quality live sources and take advantage of premium features such as enhanced stream resilience with congestion aware routing and patented dynamic FEC up to 50% more efficient network utilization, quality optimized delivery with content aware bandwidth shaping, and the industry’s leading security including best-in-class security with DTLS and AES content encryption security.

Low latency, error free transport over IP networks is critical to the delivery of live video over unmanaged IP networks.  The Zixi protocol adjusts to varying network conditions for error-free video transport over IP with 99.9999% uptime at minimal latency providing protected multicast transport, bandwidth efficiency and encoder backpressure.  The Zixi Protocol is 3x more efficient than any other market offering, so compute cost and energy consumption are greatly reduced, and is also supported on ARM Processors which are 50% of the cost and energy consumption of other compute processors.

“We are very excited to join the Zixi Enabled Network with this integration,” said Giovanni Punzo, CEO, Streann Media. “Adding the Zixi protocol allows our customers and their consumers to experience the delivery of error free, broadcast quality video.”

“With their innovative OTT platform and rich feature set Streann is a great addition to our partner ecosystem,” said John Wastcoat, SVP Alliances and Marketing, Zixi. “Our broadcast, telco and next generation customer base now have an elegant distribution, engagement and monetization solution for quick and easy deployment.”

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Streann Media will be demonstrating the integrated offering in the Zixi Partner Village at NAB 2023. For more details and to book a meeting please visit Zixi at NAB 2023 https://zixi.com/zixi-at-nab-2023/


About Zixi

Zixi provides the cloud based and on-premises Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) that enables reliable broadcast-quality video delivery over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider and any edge device. The company offers technologies for broadcasters, enterprises, over-the-top video providers, and mobile service providers around the world.  Zixi simplifies building and managing congestion-aware live video routes on any network, with support for 17-protocols across any operating environment, with products that are purpose built to provide market leading performance, universal interoperability and an operational control plane that simplifies management and orchestration at scale. With 15+ years of innovation and expertise, the Zixi Enabled Network has grown to over 1000+ media customers and 400+ OEM and service providers that deliver 20,000+ channels daily, with 110,000 deployed instances in over 120 countries, gathering over 9 billion data points a day while delivering over 100,000 live sporting events a year. This powerful ecosystem of the largest media organizations in the world exchanging live video allows for the creation and acceleration of new content acquisition, business models, and opportunities to reduce cost and generate revenue.


About Streann Media

Streann Media®️ is the world’s most innovative and interactive OTT white-label content creation, distribution, engagement, and monetization streaming platform. With Streann, content providers can create live streaming content, upload on-demand content, and build next-generation TV 3.0 business models on Web, iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV, Android TV, and Smart TV, with more than 150 proprietary features and patent-pending technologies. By taking a decentralized approach to content, Streann enables creators to take ownership of their data. Established in Miami, Florida, the company has won several industry awards for its innovations and has millions of active users in 141 geographies.