Hampshire, UK; 12 Sept 2023 – Audient announces Strymon’s BigSky plugin as the newest addition to the ARC Software Bundle. Audient and EVO owners can now access all the functionality, uniqueness and pristine sound quality of the original Strymon best-selling hardware pedal in their favourite DAW for free for 120 days.

Using their exclusive code, Audient registered customers can enjoy the recently released multidimensional reverb plugin starting today. Originally designed for guitarists, the BigSky plugin unlocks a new range of opportunities: it’s a match made in heaven for recorded drums, orchestral instruments, vocals and more.

Featuring 12 custom-tuned reverb algorithms that cover everything from traditional acoustic spaces to wildly creative ambient machines, Infinite/Freeze functionality and a dynamically simple user interface, the BigSky plugin is destined to become your new secret weapon in the studio.

“Audient has a long history of bringing products to market that are easy to use, sound great and solve problems for users – all while maintaining a look and feel that inspire creativity”, said Sean Halley, Strymon’s Head of Marketing. “We’re very pleased to be partnering with such a great company, and look forward to hearing all of the great music that gets made with all of these tools.”

Audient’s Andrew Allen says, “Strymon makes some of the highest quality boutique pedals available. We’re honoured to be able to offer our customers the new BigSky plugin and help them reach a whole new level of creativity.”

Strymon joins Cubase, Spitfire Audio, Output, M-Tron, and Produce Like a Pro on Audient’s Creative Hub ARC: a comprehensive range of software and offers from the industry’s leading innovators.

Available to both new and existing Audient & EVO owners. Make the most of this and other offers on ARC by clicking through and registering your current Audient or EVO product.


About Audient

Audient’s mission is to make professional audio quality available to everyone through the power of technology.  Driven to find the balance between audio excellence and user experience, Audient is continuously innovating; designing audio recording products that both empower creativity and simplify the recording process.

A dedication to designing products that balance quality and simplicity, including analogue recording consoles, audio interfaces, mic pres and monitor controllers, has seen Audient build a strong community of music makers in professional and home studios across the globe.

Audient also operates its sub-brand, EVO which aims to make recording both easy and accessible to creatives.

Audient was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in the UK.