TAG sails through device-to-device testing demonstrating proficiency in SRT interoperability
within the streaming industry

Tel Aviv – July 13, 2023 – TAG Video Systems, the leader in software-based IP end-to-end monitoring, deep probing, logging, and real-time visualization solutions, announces its recent participation in the 2023 SRT InterOp Plugfest, a virtual event for developers to test interoperability and compatibility between different technologies using the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) open source video streaming protocol. This year’s event, hosted by Haivision and special guest YouTube in May, showcased remarkable interaction and engagement between vendors for an entire week.

TAG received both SRT READY and SRT PLUGGED status resulting from their participation in the pivotal event that optimized extensive device-to-device testing to foster the continued growth of the SRT protocol. SRT READY status is reserved exclusively for SRT Alliance members who have integrated open-source SRT from GitHub into their solutions. SRT PLUGGED status is only granted to SRT Alliance members who have validated interoperability of their products with third-party SRT READY devices and solutions within an SRT Alliance sponsored SRT InterOp Plugfest event.

SRT is an open-source transport protocol originally developed by Haivision that allows for robust transmission of high-quality high-bandwidth video signals over public internet, unmanaged networks and WANs, and similar networks with unpredictable performance without loss or impairments.  With minimal latency, SRT can  ensure the transport of signals across these networks with no loss of quality while also providing encryption to protect content during transit.

TAG added support for the SRT protocol to its flagship Realtime Media Performance platform as a means to dramatically increase connectivity and signal transport options and open the door to greater collaboration and creativity. Support for SRT strengthens TAG’s customers’ ability to acquire signals from distant sources and transmit multiviewer mosaics to distant viewers. SRT plugins also empower at-home remote workers with desktop monitoring. The company’s support for SRT reflects TAG’s continuous platform enhancement initiative that focuses on providing customers with the quickest possible access to emerging technologies for future-proof workflows.

“We were excited to be part of this event that showcased and ‘put-to-the-test’ various technologies supporting the SRT protocol. By actively collaborating with other participants in real-time, we improved performance and ensured high Quality of Service (QoS) delivery,” shared Golan Simani, Cloud Solution Architect at TAG.

This year’s Plugfest included numerous milestones including the introduction of YouTube’s “Live Verified Encoder” program, designed to ensure the production hardware of vendors seamlessly interfaces with YouTube Live using SRT.  2023 SRT InterOp Plugfest also saw a significant increase in participants with 32 vendors providing 55 devices and software solutions for testing with other community members, and a total of 2,257 individual device-to-device tests conducted. This incredible growth illustrates the progress and importance of SRT interoperability within the streaming industry.


About TAG Video Systems

TAG Video Systems is the world leader in 100% software based integrated IP Multiviewing, Probing and Monitoring solutions.  Introducing its first IP solution in 2008, today TAG supports over 100,000 probing/monitoring points across the four primary broadcasting applications – Live Production, Playout/Master Control, Distribution and OTT. TAG’s Zer0 Friction philosophy allows Broadcasters and Content Distributors to minimize complexity, manage the pace of change, while competitively enabling business operations. The 100% software platform supports both compressed and uncompressed formats, including MPEG TS, JPEG- XS, CDI, NDI, JPEG2000, SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022-6/7, MPEG-DASH and HLS. TAG’s solutions run on standard Commercial Off-The-Shelf hardware (COTS) and cloud, providing state-of-the-art IP monitoring and analysis tools combined with highest quality UHD Multiviewer available on standard and mobile device displays.

For more information: www.tagvs.com