Huelva (Spain), June 26, 2023. The entertainment production company Cabal Esports has acquired 126 Alfalite Modularpix Pro VP XR 1.9 LED panels with ORIM® technology to broadcast virtual production content in the different gaming events in which this Spanish company provides services.

Cabal Esports offers television broadcasting services, live events, gaming and eSports. It is a pioneering production company in esports competitions and streaming entertainment with extensive experience in audiovisual production for digital and terrestrial platforms, in addition to developing esports products and managing competitions for publishers and other industry players.

Recently, Cabal Esports signed a strategic alliance with Atresmedia to jointly create CTK, an international organizer of tournaments and gaming experiences.


Cabal Esports has installed the Alfalite LEDWall in its new studio in Alcobendas (Madrid). Depending on the event to be produced, the screen is assembled and disassembled in different shapes and sizes thanks to the versatility of Alfalite Litepix, the panel with which the Alfalite Litepix VP XR 1.9 ORIM solution acquired by the production company is built.

Cabal Esports has already used its new Alfalite LED panels as part of the set to play virtual production content generated with Unreal Engine in different types of events, such as Los Panas by Santalucía streamings, Ubisoft’s Gaming Live Events, CTK (Atresmedia) Gaming tournaments, and PlayStation Channel’s Twitch sets, among others.

“We are delighted that Cabal Esports, a reference company in the world of eSports and gaming, has trusted our LED panels to work in their events with a VP XR ecosystem using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine,” says Raquel Villarejo, Sales Director of Rental at Alfalite, the only European manufacturer of LED screens.


She adds: “Virtual production is revolutionizing the process of making series, hybrid events, films, advertising and television, and our LED panels offer endless possibilities to enrich VP XR environments and optimize processes and costs in the world of gaming, a sector that is growing significantly in recent years, with a great potential for development and expansion”.

In turn, Juan José Boronat, CEO of Cabal Esports, says: “We chose Alfalite Litepix ORIM VP XR for its image quality in camera and the confidence that gives us its reliability in live events, beyond its ease of assembly and disassembly of the sets and accuracy between panels. In addition, with ORIM we can rest assured if the screen is hit or splashed with liquids. We are very pleased to have Alfalite as our technology partner.”

Alfalite’s Litepix VP XR panels feature a 1.9 millimeter pixel pitch, optical parameters and cd/m2 brightness > 1,900 nits, providing exceptional viewing angle stability and allowing the LED display to be filmed even from extreme camera angles.


They feature ORIM (Optical Resin Injection Module) technology, a new LED panel termination system using optical resin injection that improves precision between modules (<0.5 mm). In addition, it provides an extended horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 175º.

LED panels with ORIM technology have superior antistatic protection (ESD > 10kV), better heat dissipation parameters and excellent resistance to impact, liquids, chemicals and fire (UL94 standard). In addition, they are easier to clean, suffer less deterioration and have the shortest repair time on the market.


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