Dot Group, a leader in data strategy, engineering and transport, is underlining its commitment to Informatica’s technology platform with gold sponsorship of the Informatica World Tour London on 19 September 2023. The event will show that Dot Group can deliver global systems integration while retaining the agility, and the cost effectiveness of a local supplier. 

Dot Group delivers excellence in data management through three key initiatives: an end-to-end approach to optimise data engineering, quality and governance; a fully worked strategy for legacy modernisation from master data management (MDM) all the way through to the cloud and data warehousing; and, of course, seamless integration of environmental and social governance (ESG) reporting. 

“ESG reporting is a critical part of any data engineering project today for many companies,” said Ian Currie, commercial lead of the data business unit at Dot Group. “Understanding and reporting on environmental and social issues is a legal requirement as well as a moral imperative, and this can only be realistically achieved if ESG is embedded deep in the DNA of a business’s data management strategy. 

“At Dot Group we have long been successful specialists in implementing rounded business solutions drawing on Informatica technology,” Currie continued. “We are a platinum partner, and we are leaders in implementing the latest functionality of Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) including the remarkable CLAIRE AI toolkit. Our active involvement in the London event gives us an opportunity to talk to industry leaders, to show how our skilled team can deliver highly tailored, highly effective solutions, quickly and accurately.” 

Dot Group has partnered with Blumetra to add their deep expertise in MDM and Cloud Modernisation projects. This is a critical element of any integrated approach to enterprise data, ensuring enhanced decision-making, improved efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. The partnership with Blumetra enhances Dot’s cloud transformation skills such as migrating PowerCenter to Informatica’s IDMC platform. Ian Currie and colleagues will be in attendance at Informatica World Tour London on 19 September, and available to discuss applications, implementations and consultancy with delegates. 

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