Revolutionizing Community Broadcasting: The Billerica TV Kitchen Project

Introduction: In the heart of Billerica Access Television’s renovated space, a new era of community broadcasting emerges with the inauguration of the Billerica TV Kitchen Studio. Housed within an old-school building, this studio is anything but traditional. The project’s maiden show, “Cindy’s Sweets: Halloween,” marked a sweet beginning in this innovative space.

The Challenge: Adapting an old-school building for modern video production presented unique challenges. The structure, originally not designed for broadcasting, had to be transformed into a versatile studio that could handle the dynamic requirements of a kitchen set. The key obstacles included:

Fiilex Kitchen 3

  • Integrating complex lighting in a space predominantly set up with green screens.
  • Accommodating a diverse range of users, varying in height and skin tone, requiring versatile lighting solutions.
  • Incorporating lighting fixtures that are inconspicuous and effective, even in the presence of a large window that introduces varying daylight.
  • Ensuring the lighting is suitable for both close-up culinary shots and wider kitchen views.

Fiilex’s Innovative Solution: The Fiilex Track System emerged as the lights in shining armour for this project. Here’s how it addressed the myriad of challenges:

Fiilex Kitchen 1 1

  • The system’s easy installation avoided the need for extensive remodelling, respecting the building’s integrity.
  • Its sleek white finish ensured that the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal remained uncompromised.
  • The P3X lights with softboxes provided a user-friendly ambiance, conducive to both tight and wide shots, without the need for constant lighting adjustments.
  • Fiilex’s color control feature proved instrumental in creating thematic highlights, like the light orange hues for the Halloween special.
  • The flexibility of the system allowed lighting designer Jonathan Lipsey to make on-site adjustments, tailoring the lighting to each production’s unique needs.
  • The system’s hue control adapted seamlessly to different skin tones, ensuring every participant looked their best on camera.
  • Remote adjustments were possible via DMX track, adding to the system’s convenience.
  • Importantly, the LED technology kept the kitchen cool, a stark contrast to traditional tungsten setups.

Fiilex Kitchen 2

Conclusion: Under the expert guidance of Jonathan Lipsey, the same visionary behind our previous project’s success with Illuminating a Biotech Giant’s Space , the Billerica TV Kitchen Studio is now a beacon of community broadcasting. Fiilex’s lighting solutions have not only illuminated the studio but also brightened the way for community-driven content, proving that with the right technology, even the most unconventional spaces can become hubs of creativity and collaboration.

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