Manufacturer also reveals plans to bring latest highlights of entire product portfolio to Amsterdam

Sunbury, UK – 24 July 2023 — Shotoku Broadcast Systems, international manufacturer of high-quality, easy-to-use, robust and reliable robotic and manual camera support systems, is heading to IBC 2023 with the latest version of its TR-XT Touchscreen control system. The v3 retains all its predecessors’ popular features but incorporates a significant software upgrade that adds numerous capabilities and built-in functionalities. The TR-XT will be demonstrated on Stand 11.C10 with highlights of Shotoku’s extensive product portfolio including SmartPed, Shotoku’s flagship fully robotic pedestal shown with AN-S Absolute Navigation, the TI-11X elevator pedestal paired with the Company’s advanced TG-18i pan/tilt head, the latest Orchestra CMS control system designed to address the growing demands of today’s televised legislature proceedings, and the intuitive AutoFrame face tracking system.

“The TR-XT Touchscreen control system has always kept pace with the changing customer requirements that come with our ever-evolving broadcast industry” said James Eddershaw, Managing Director of Shotoku Ltd. “We’re excited to publicly launch the latest version to the European market at IBC and discuss its new features and capabilities with existing customers and visitors.”

TR-XT Version 3 Makes European Debut

The latest version of TR-XT builds upon all the proven capabilities of Shotoku’s flagship control system with a fresh Windows-based GUI featuring a crisp new layout and easier to read icons. The system preserves all the core power, flexibility and resilience users have come to expect from a Shotoku control system.  A back-up link provides a separate network connection for the control panel and TR-XT computer, and there are no single points of failure that can affect the entire system. Numerous functionalities are included as standard, such as key-frame sequences (essential for those impressive show openers or beauty shots), on-air tally interfacing and preview router control.

The highly flexible design allows any number of cameras to be connected to the system. Camera maps can be saved and assigned to any show and loaded instantly. Multiple TR-XTs can access a common database of shows and maps allowing any connected system to run any studio on the network whether they are next door, or across the country.

TR-XT v3 is already deployed and on-air at several European sites but this is the first opportunity to showcase its capabilities to a wider audience at IBC.

SmartPed Fully Robotic Pedestal with AN-S Absolute Navigation System 

SmartPedShotoku’s high-performance fully robotic pedestal, will be shown with AN-S, the Absolute Navigation System with integrated MoSys StarTracker™ optical tracking system.  AN-S provides a fully integrated solution, including the optical tracking system for situations where customers do not already have installed optical tracking. It offers the perfect option for those applications where referencing the is inconvenient or the design of the studio leaves no scope for a floor tile reference position.

TI-11X Elevator Pedestal

In another first for the IBC show Shotoku will show the TI-11X elevator pedestal.  The TI-11X is based on Shotoku’s new X-Height elevator column and offers a greater range of travel and increased speed over the existing TI-11 elevator pedestal. The completely new design of the pedestal’s base makes cable management simpler with self-contained power and network connectivity incorporated within the unit. The TI-11X is compatible with the TG-18/18i or TG-47 PT heads.

TG-18i PT Pan/Tilt Head

The TG-18i, the latest version of the hugely successful TG-18 studio pan/tilt head, is ideal as either a standalone PT head, or paired with one of Shotoku’s elevator solutions.  The head is fully integrated featuring a high payload and simple connectivity.  All the key features which have made the TG-18 so successful remain – such as perfect motion and full manual override with fluid damping – all in a self-contained package. At IBC the head will be demonstrated with the TI-12 high-performance height drive for manual pedestals.  Seamlessly adding remote elevation control to an otherwise fully-manual studio pedestal, such as Shotoku’s own TP-200.

TG-47 Pan and Tilt Head

The latest addition to the Shotoku range of pan and tilt heads, the TG-47 sits between the well-established TG-27 and TG-18i heads in terms of payload.  Like all Shotoku heads the TG-47 moves with fine control and smoothness for perfect on-air moves.  With a payload of 22kg it can support a wide range of cameras and accessories, including typical 17-19” teleprompters.  Being compact and lightweight, it can be used in smaller studios and on SmartRail ceiling systems too.

AutoFrame face tracking

Shotoku takes automation to another level with AutoFrame – a powerful system allowing any Shotoku robotic camera to be controlled smoothly and intelligently through automatic face tracking algorithms developed specifically for the application. With AutoFrame, multiple cameras will automatically maintain correct framing of a presenter and/or guest.  Framing is held according to easily definable parameters and always makes on-air appropriate adjustments, so there is no longer any need to have an operator dedicated to reframing during live broadcasts. AutoFrame is tightly integrated with the TR-XT control system and can be applied to new or existing installations with ease.

Orchestra CMS – Taking control of the Legislature

Shotoku’s latest version of its Orchestra CMS control system software is Ideally suited for use in legislative, conference and corporate facilities of any size and type, Orchestra CMS features an enhanced user interface that makes operation simpler and more intuitive than ever.  Fully automated and with live video touch-screen operation, Shotoku’s world-leading system can rapidly position multiple cameras to precisely defined positions in response to either an operator command or an external automated trigger.  Advanced setup features increase operational flexibility and include a live video spotter camera, floor plan graphic, and/or automated microphone selection triggers.

IBC 2023 Preview

IBC Stand # 11.C10

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