The AKA Design Podcast range is taking the vlogosphere by storm

One of AKA designs #Podcast presenters desks was recently installed at Jimmy A Bennett offices in Brighton. The desk can hold up to four guests and has a curved microphone track to hold the Yellowtec Mic arms. The desk is finished in a charcoal laminated top with acoustic pads, interchangeable signage and lighting detail.

Since before Covid changed the world of Broadcast, AKA design have been manufacturing and shipping a range of Podcasting desks to a wide range of clients from pro podcasters, enthusiastic amateurs and stay at home broadcasters. The Covid crisis led to a huge spike in demand for podcasting desks and thankfully AKA design was able to fulfill that demand.

Guy Wilson of AKA design told GBIN

“The AKA ProCast is a stylish and ergonomic range of voice recording and podcast desks for the modern media workplace. We supply podcast desks in various sizes and configurations, for the single user or multiple guest and presenter set-ups for podcast, voice recording and radio environments. Our podcast tables have acoustic panels set into the central part of the desk, to reduce reverb and enhance the acoustics of the space. We build in-cable management and monitor arm positions to work with the ergonomics of your required podcast setup”.

Guy went on to tell us “There’s a choice of static and sit-stand models, and we are always happy to build a custom design if required. Our podcast desk and podcast table ranges come flat-packed, are easily assembled on site and we ship worldwide.”


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About AKA design

For 25 years AKA Design has designed and manufactured custom studio furniture desks for post production, broadcast, recording studio and editing facilities and media environments worldwide. We liaise with systems integrators, acoustic architects, main contractors and installation companies to supply modern and stylish tailored technical furniture solutions for all studio environments.