It reacts to the speaker and switches camera or shot type as required

Veenendaal, The Netherlands _ 10 July 2023

WebClip2Go – innovators in the field of crewless, editless production solutions – today announces release of its AI-driven Chat Show feature, which harnesses AI technology to manage the full production workflow, and thus allows for a single presenter to create, produce and host simultaneously, with no need for a crew or post-production process.

Chat Shows typically utilize a number of cameras to capture both wide-angle and reaction shots of presenter and interviewees, and switching between these is a key element in controlling the look and feel of the content. An effectively produced chat show does not follow a specific formula, nor is it simply ‘reactive’ to who is speaking; instead, it has traditionally used human judgement (either in the moment, requiring exceptional production skills, or in the edit room) to capture action and reaction in a more dynamic and naturalistic manner. Previous attempts in the market to automate this process have tended to produce rigid and artificial outputs that are detectable by audiences.

The new AI-driven system from WebClip2Go fully replicates the naturalism of human-driven production, but requires no crew. Making use of AI and voice activation technology, the Automated Chat Show function reacts to who is talking, switching camera or shot type as required. However, it goes far beyond mere reactivity, which in isolation would produce monotonous and clearly artificial results. Instead, the AI system allows for a range of programmable parameters to be set which create a more fluid, dynamic production. Thus, the camera does not merely linger on whoever is speaking, but can be programmed to engage in switching according to certain rules; such as an ‘impartiality’ rule to ensure no one speaker dominates, or a ‘randomised’ function which cuts away for reaction shots. This randomisation can be set according to style and pacing preferences, matching the nature of the subject matter and content, and/or meeting the varying expectations of different audience demographics – particularly important in the realm of TikTok and social media-driven engagement. Titles and relevant graphics can also be pre-programmed for insertion.

Whilst WebClip2Go have offered crewless Chat Show production for a number of years, this has taken the form of manual switching, controlled using a discreet panel held by the presenter. Whilst highly usable, it requires significant focus from the presenter to both manage the technical elements of the production and perform their role as moderator and participant effectively. The introduction of AI management releases the presenter from this burden and allows them to focus their entire attention on the job of presenting.

The AI system further enhances the broad range of crewless production solutions offered by WebClip2Go, which include Chat Show, Green Screen and Runway presentation setups, and make use of a comprehensive range of intuitive template-driven control solutions, including full control through PowerPoint. This means that the learning curve on various WebClip2Go setups is virtually zero; users can be up and running within 15 minutes and through the repeated use of templates and formats, can produce multiple videos in a fraction of the time associated with conventional editing processes, whilst still achieving the highest production values. This makes WebClip2Go ideal for corporate communications – using either Chat Shows to engage in thought leadership, or Green Screen to-camera monologues to deliver product demoes or presentations. It has also seen significant adoption in educational markets, with teachers leveraging the more dynamic approach of video and chat shows to engage students.

Speaking of the new AI-driven functions, Gerrit Bulten – CEO of WebClip2Go – said: “We wanted to create a workflow that was entirely hands-off for the user, but which produced a result that was as naturalistic as any workflow handled by a sentient crew. In this way, the AI-driven WebClip2Go doesn’t just enhance the production by replicating existing industry conventions for a fraction of the cost and time, it also allows the presenter to focus on their main task – presenting – and thus enhances the nature of the production in terms of its actual content too”.

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